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The Super Hero Index! Part 1

The NBA is having a resurgence this year do to the immence amount of talent that is in the league. Around this time of year every publication prints it’s power rankings telling who they think are the top players in the league and why. Here at SOGJ we decided to do our very own. We call them the Super Hero Index. Now when I say we I really mean me. I am the Superhero, comic book movie, nerd of the group and I feel that these are pretty accurate comparisons. I will of course be focusing on all DC heroes. This includes Superman(obviously), Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow,Aqua Man,and Robin(Trust me they will all make sense even Robin). We are going to start from the bottom and work our way to the top.

Aquaman-Sure he is a super hero but his powers are he can talk to fish and hold his breath. The coolest that Aquaman ever got was when Vinny Chase made the Aquaman movie on Entourage. Still he has super powers and the guys in this group are all great players you just wouldn’t necessarily choose them first to be the go to guy on your team or first pick to save the world.

Devin Harris– We have seen this season while playing for the putrid New Jersey Nets that though Mr. Harris is good he is not so good to pull his team out of their downward spiral. He could still go off for 40 at any time but he would be much better if he was the number 3 option at this stage in his career.(One of the fastest guys with the ball in the league)

Monta Ellis-He would be great playing with a superstar. Stand and shoot or drive and kick. He is extremely talented but not mature enough to handle carrying the load of a team on his own. How scary would he be on the Spurs?

Andre Iguodala-Super long and super athletic but just not good enough to be a teams go to guy. If he could run along side a stud guard the other teams best player and be a Scottie Pippen type player he would flourish. He needs to work on his shooting to reach that elite level.

Stephen Jackson & Gerald Wallace+Larry Brown- I am giving all the credit in the world to Larry Brown on this one. Because on their own you had two selfish babies who shot the ball to much and alienated teammates(Allen Iverson pre Brown) and now they are playing actual good basketball in Charlotte. Wallace even was an All-Star. (He played like a 3rd grader with two broken thumbs and was even worse in the dunk contest but hey he was on the TEAM!)

Rudy Gay-Similar to Iggy with a better jumpshot(that’s not saying much) super athlete and Stretch Armstong type length but needs talent around him to compliment his game.

Antwan Jamison-One of my favorite all time college players but beside the point. Finally is getting a chance to show that he can maximize his talent in Cleveland. In Washington he was forced into a bigger role than suited him. He is still good enough but will blossum in Cleveland and finally getting away from the black hole that was Gilbert Arenas.

Tony Parker and Richard Jefferson- Jefferson had to get out of New Jersey because he has never had the talent to be the man, but is very good at being the third or fourth man. Parker is improving every game but he is still lucky he plays with the likes of Tim Duncan and Floppalong Ginobili.

Danny GrangerWe are yet to see what Danny can do with a better player next to him. He is slowly emerging as one of the best young players in the league. He just may not be good enough to lead his team to the playoffs and beyond. If you put him next to another super hero he will no doubt thrive. He signed a 5 year extension with the Pacers two years ago and the next best player on his team is Troy Murphy. Danny should hope to be traded or hopes Larry Legend gets him some talent if he ever hopes to jump to the next level.

The Flash-This is one of my favorite super heroes but at the end of the day The Flash is truly a one trick pony. He can run really fast. Yep that’s it. He is cool and sarcastic and has a lighting bolts on his ears but at the end of the day he’s just really fast. The guys in this category are the same way. You would love them on your team because they do one thing really well but they are not going be your teams savior.

Richard Hamilton-Coming out of college expectations were far greater than Rip could live up to. After 10 years in the league he finally realized he is not a guy that is going to be all everything for you but he is going to shoot the crap out of the ball. He is the modern day Reggie Miller. He runs marathons off screens night in and night out and just makes shots.

Rajon Rondo-He is probably one of the toughest members on the list. If I lived in a more eastern part of the country I may have switched he and Derrick Rose but I don’t and Rondo still can’t shoot. He can however use his speed, strength, and size to blow by people and get to the lane when ever he wants to.

Andrew Bynum-He has the potential to be in one of the higher levels but right now in his career he is a thinner less powerful version of a young Shaq. Mostly dunks but he will throw the occasional hook shot at you. He is only 22 so he has time to work his way up.

Rashard Lewis-He is a coaches nightmare. He is 6’10 and doesn’t rebound and isn’t strong enough to defend bigger guys.(Maybe that’s why he was on a banned substance) But he can really shoot the ball and that makes him very valuable. Other power fowards don’t like chasing him all over the floor. Even if his shot is the ugliest effective jump shot maybe in the last ten years.

Tyreke Evans-Similar to Rose and Rondo but bigger and stronger and plays in a system where he is in charge. He uses his body extremely well to bully smaller point guards and get to the rim when ever he would like. Experience really is the only thing holding Evans back.

Ray “Jesus Shuttlesworth” Allen-The king of The Flash Group he has made more of just shooting than anyone in this group. It would not surprise me if Ray Ray went on another 8 or 9 years bombing 3’s effectively for a contender. He may get older but his jump shot is still the best in the league.

Check back soon for part two and the top levels of the Super Hero Index!

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  1. ToPete
    February 19, 2010 at 8:17 am

    I like where this is going…

  2. February 20, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    Me too, only if it lists LeBroneous as Venom.

    The only man alive that is able to infect an entire offensive unit and make it stand still.

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