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Obviously, waiting four years between watching a curling match is torture.  How these athletes are able to keep their games sharp during a four year layoff between competitions is quite amazing.

Wait, what’s that? They play year round in other competitions? Really? No way…

I refuse to believe this, because if this were true then curling would be shown in a NFL on FOX like package with global options available on DIRECTV.

Curling might be the most exciting sport to watch during the Olympics. Forget about lame sports like skeleton, snowboard cross, and freestyle skiing. Give me curling on a 24/7 force fed diet, please.

Name another sport that is able to combine chess, checkers, hockey, shuffleboard, drunk fans, and Napoleon-like battlefield strategy quite like curling?  That’s right…you can’t.

While the teams representing the United States have chosen to use the 2010 Winter Olympics to find new and exciting ways to choke away game winners, the rest of the action has been awesome.

What might make the curling competition in the Winter Olympics even better is that it is primarily broadcast on CNBC.  This is no coincidence, as the curling aficionado must be highly educated, financially stable and as smart as D.J. Tanner from Full House.

Outside of Shaun White’s domination of the half pipe I would venture to guess that roughly 95% of my conversations about the 2010 Winter Olympics involves curling and why curling isn’t played in my hometown. I would have given up college basketball in a heartbeat to hit the ice, and curl the rock toward the button after pushing off of the hack.

Look out hockey, because curling is officially the new #1 sport on ice! (Figure skating doesn’t count. See: Johnny Weir-d.)

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