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Super Hero Index Part 2!

Let’s continue!

The Green Lantern– The Green Lantern is an interesting super hero because he effectively determines how good of a super hero he can be. He uses a power ring that is controlled by his force of will and imagination. Basically he is as good as he allows himself to be. Sometimes he can be great and others he may not be depending on whether he doubts himself. This group is for the guys that used to be in the high categories but age or injury has caught up with them. They are able summon their true greatness every once in a while only when they really need to but they can’t do it every night.(Think MJ when he played for the Wizards. He was going to get you 20 every night but he might get pissed and explode for 45.)

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce-It is hard to watch KG play. The Big Ticket is more like the Ticket stub nowadays. The years of doing everything in Minnesota have caught up with him and he now relies on smarts and tricks to help the Celtics. I still think come playoff time he will muster up a 30 and 15 game but don’t expect much the next night. The Garbage Man(not because he does the dirty work but because he is the guy in the NBA who most looks like he would fit into an awful pickup game because of how he plays.) Paul Pierce had the same type of career in Boston that the Stub did in Minnesota. Years of doing everything on his own, injuries, and the occasional bar stabbing have just caught up to him. I envision a younger more energetic team will knock the C’s out of the playoffs. You guys were great for one season though.

Tracy McGrady-He made this list as a surprise. Not a surprise that he is put in here but until he was traded to New York this week I was surprised to see he was still playing basketball. T-Mac was one of the most exciting,versatile players in the league for 7 years and after back to back years with knee injuries he has turned into a more athletic Tim Thomas.(Never met a 3 point shot he didn’t like and in his contract that defense is optional). I loved watching T-Mac when he was good so hopefully he can make his way up a category or two next year, he is only 31.

Jason Kidd-This one was one of the toughest to place in any of the categories. I say that because Kidd is still playing really well. But after much thought I realized that this is more about the system and the talent around him and not as much his super human ability. Sure he will have the occasional 20 point 15 assist outburst but Dirk usually has 40 the same game so Kidd is truly the byproduct. Another reason I couldn’t put him higher is that he beat up his ex-wife a true super hero wouldn’t hit a women come on J-Kidd!

Vince Carter-He used to be the most exciting player in the NBA. No question hands down there was no argument. Then some where along the way I don’t remember if it was when he just quit in Toronto or spent all those horrible years in New Jersey, Vince just stopped being exciting. He rarely leaves the ground any more and when he does it is usually for an awful forced shot or horrendous drive and flop attempt but he is far from Vinsanity or Half Man Half Amazing. He is more Half Man Half Abysmal. Sure he will get hot from 3 and explode for 40 but these games don’t come as regular because he just doesn’t have the same explosiveness near the rim any more.

Yao Ming-Injury riddled and cursed with such a massive body Yao falls onto this list. When he is healthy he is maybe the best center in the league, the problem is this is rarely the case. When he returns next years after sitting out an entire year expect a better shooting Arvydas Sabonis(really not a comparison you want) It really is to bad because this one is not Yao’s fault. The burden of running and jumping with his enormous body was bound to take it’s toll. I do predict he will still have a couple 40 point 20 rebound games.

Shaquille O’Neal-One of two guys on the list who actually has a super hero knickname he is far from the player he used to be. Years ago he was the most dominant player in the league. You couldn’t stop him with 3 guys let alone 1. Now he is just huge. His feet are slow, he doesn’t jump well, and he jogs the floor like an old man in a pick up game. Sure he is still successful, if you weighed 572 pounds and were jogging full speed you would be hard to stop too. If the Cavs make a deep run into the playoffs you wonder if his body will hold up playing against the younger Dwight Howard and Kendrick Perkins. I think Hack-a- Shaq is going to turn into Hacking Shaq because he is just not quick enough any more to stop them.

Robin-Now I know what you are thinking. Robin is not a super hero. Ok fair enough but he is a super sidekick. If we have learned anything from the NBA it’s that even the Superest(I don’t think that’s a word but oh well) of Super Heros need a sidekick. Robin is the best super hero sidekick of them all. The guys in this group are good on their own but much better when they are able to just be a sidekick. (Side note Scottie Pippen may have been the best Robin in the history of the NBA, some would argue Kevin McHale but Scottie gets my vote)

Paul Gasol-Pau was great when he was in Memphis but he is even better now that he is in L.A. This is because he is along side another Super Hero. Pau is able to play relaxed and do the things that he does. He is great in the post, perfect in the triangle offense, and plays good enough defense to not be a liability. While in Memphis Pau had to shoulder the load and this just didn’t work for him. As we have seen in a season and a half Pau would much rather be the man behind the man than the man.

Hedu Turkoglu-Hedu is the sidekick who knows he is better as a sidekick. Last summer he could have gone any where in free ageny but he chose Toronto a place where he could not have all the pressure and still be productive. Hedu thrived in Orlando being Robin and now he is doing the same playing along side Chris Bosh. The only problem is playing in Toronto no one knows he exists any more. We will get back to this of course when we discuss Mr. Bosh further.

Carlos Boozer-He is a 20 and 10 guy every year. But if he didn’t have Deron Williams these numbers would surely go down. He has had the advantage of playing with two guys who truly love to pass the ball in Williams and Lebron. Boozer is a guy who created himself into a good sidekick through hard work. He also has the distinction of being the best player to come out of Duke the past 20 years.  The problem with him is that he has been injured so much he may never realize his true potential as a sidekick and may slip into the Green Lantern Group before we know it.

Manu Ginobili-Sir Flopsalot is a perfect side kick for Tim Duncan. He knocks down threes, drives the lane fearlessly, and he accepts his role as a second fiddle. My only beef with him is his soccer style flopping every time he gets touched. He and Vince Carter are the worst floppers in the league they should both play in the MLS in the off season.

Amare Stoudamire- Amare is extremely lucky he has played his entire career with Steve Nash. He is lucky that he has some one to place the ball exactly where he needs it to catch and score. He doesn’t do enough offensively to be the man down the stretch and doesn’t work hard enough to command the respect that real super heros do. Amare is the perfect guy to run and jump and be the guy that will get the rebound and out let to his super hero partner.

Jason Terry-Next to Pau maybe the best Robin in the league. He knows his role and he does it well. He scores. Any way necessary he puts the ball in the hole. He can run the point but when you need him you know you can depend on him to put the ball in the hole. Dirk loves him, JKidd loves him, and all the others Mavs love him. He could have very easily been in The Flash group but he is able to dribble and run point but someday he will be in that group.

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