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Super Hero Index Part 3!!!

So here it is. The top of the ladder. We have gone through 4 levels and 2 posts to arrive at our top 3 levels. Where I decided to put the players was actually much easier than the positioning of the super heros. As you can obviously tell(by my blog name)I am a fan of Superman. However I still have a great deal of respect for our other top-level super hero Batman. Now I had to choose. I know certain readers will be upset if I don’t put them as equals but it is my list and I just can’t do it, so heres how I broke it down.(I decided to add the third top level group for the guys I just couldn’t put in either group.)

Both Superman and Batman are at the top of the super hero mountain, but Batman is still only human. Some would say that makes him a greater hero but, I don’t and not for this list. Batman is my 1b category. All the guys in the Batman group are great but they are not at the Superman level this is saved for a select few.

Batman-The Caped Crusader. In this ranking we will call him 1B. Batman is truly great. He has the Batmobile, the Batcave, and his utility belt. But, when you sit back and look at Batman, one thing that makes Batman unique is the truly human problems that he faces. He deals with living a double life and the balance between vengeance and justice. Similar to Batman,all the players in this group are truly great, but they have their flaws. They haven’t yet been able to ascend to the next level. Now in this group we have guys who have won championships and guys who haven’t, that is merely part of the criteria of the top two levels. These are the guys who either may have been in the Superman group and now got old or will be in the Superman group in years to come. You can build a team around a member of the Batman group but you need at least another member from the Batman group or a few other players from the different groups in the index. If you put any of these guys with a member of the Superman group you would have an unbelievable force. The Batman group is the guys who you would love to have on your team but you would think twice if you could trade for a member of the Superman group. Let’s us begin!

Joe Johnson and Brandon Roy-It is a shame that both these guys don’t play in a bigger market. Joe Johnson is stuck in Atlanta and Roy even worse is stuck in Portland. They are the two best players the entire country doesn’t get to see. Luckily both are playing on good teams and will hopefully both make the playoffs so the rest of the country can see how good they really are. Both are 6’6 shooting combo guards who can run the point and get and make big shots when their team needs it most. Next to a Lebron/Kobe or Melo NBA Finals seeing these two battle it out would be truly epic.

Chris Bosh-DYING TO GET OUT OF TORONTO! Chris Bosh is maybe the best player above 6’9 in the NBA. He currently is stuck in Toronto playing with the likes of Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon. You can win a title when you have 2 foreign guys if only one is a starter but when you have 3 starters it just isn’t happening. Look for Bosh to make a big move in the off-season and take off and be a Garnett type star. All you had to do was watch the 4 quarter of this all-star game to realize how good Mr. Bosh is.

Deron Williams-Played second fiddle at Illinois behind Dee Brown(Not the one with the Reebok pumps) for 3 years before exploding in the NCAA and into the NBA. Has size,strength, and quickness. He runs Jerry Sloan’s pick and roll with a very Stocktonesque efficiency. He is so good he wins games with the like of Kyle Korver, Paul Milsap, Wes Matthews, and Sundiata Gaines. Really? There is only two guys on that list that basketball fans know and one of them is because he looks like Ashton Kutcher.

Either Deron Williams is not only one of the best point guards in the league is one of the best players.

Derrick Rose-He is just three years removed from high school and is already in the Batman group. He is athletically on par with anyone in the NBA. He maybe the quickest player with the ball end to and he is 6’3. His jump shot is only getting better and no one in the league can stay in front of him. I have watched a lot of basketball in my life and he is one of the best players I have ever seen in person. He still holds the distinction in my book of having the greatest missed dunk I have ever seen. In a high school game he was on a fast break and took off in traffic from one step inside the free throw line. Luckily for the team he was playing someone jumped and almost ripped his arm off, but Rose was still strong enough to make it all the way to the rim. Throw in his sweet pencil thin Billy Dee Williams mustache on top of him immense talent and he was an automatic for the Batman group. He is on the fast track to being in the Superman group some day.

Tim Duncan-Timmaaayyy! Tim Duncan may be boring for some people to watch but I love 17 foot bankshots. I first want to say Tim Duncan is a CENTER! He is not a power forward and hasn’t been one since David Robinson retired. He is one of the best centers to ever play the game. He is an automatic 20 point 10 rebound guy and is clutch when his teams need a bucket. He plays good defense and is a leader by example. Why is he in the Batman group and not Superman? He is on the decline of his career. This is his 11th year and his body has taken a lot of wear and tear. His Spurs teams have never missed the playoff and never won less than 53 games(Except when the NBA went on strike, spoiled babies). Oh yeah he has also won 4 titles in his career. I do think one of the weirdest things in sports is that Tim will take and consistently make 17 foot jump shots but is a terrible free throw shooter. I don’t get this. TIIIIMMMAAAYYY!

Steve Nash-Maybe still the most fun guy to watch play basketball. Constantly licking his fingers and playing with his floppy hair Nash has been the NBA’s poster child for being laid back since his days in Dallas. He still has the best vision in the NBA even though he is 36! He is a two-time MVP and helped make Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, and Robin Lopez into decent to good NBA players. He is in constant control and makes all his teammates better. He has an assortment of floaters, hook shots, and step back fade aways that make him so fun to watch. Let’s not forget he is Canadian! Oh Yeah Eh! He is not in the Superman group because he just doesn’t guard anyone and he maybe only has 2 more years of elite point guard play before he becomes the best backup point guard in the league.

Chauncey Billups-Chauncey is one of the best stories in the NBA today. He was drafted out of Colorado where he was able to excel and fly under the radar and thrown into the Celtics franchise with huge expectations. He was never able to develop with such a heavy burden. Six teams and two trips to Denver later he is one of the best and most clutch players in the league. I love his nickname “Mr. Big Shot” he was given this name after his stellar performance in the 2004 playoffs and finals where he led the Pistons against the heavily favored Lakers to a 4-1 Finals victory. He may not be flashy or supremely athletic but he is efficient and a winner. He is a perfect fit for a team with young flashy stars because of his experience and consistent calm demeanor.

Dirk Nowitzki- Dirkules(like Hercules) is my favorite german, jumpshooting, 7 footer in all the NBA. He has truly become of the best scorers and players in the NBA. He may still play defense like it hurts but when Dallas needs a big bucket or big game he is truly unstoppable. If it weren’t for Dwayne Wade and his unbelievable 2006 finals Dirk may be in a different group. Dirk is a near impossible guard for most teams because of his size and shooting ability. Depending on how the Mavericks do in this years playoffs and how Dirk plays will definitely determine how long Dirk will stay in the Batman group.

Gilbert Arenas-Gilbert was a sure fire Batman guy until he brought a gun to work this year. I had a hard time pulling the trigger on adding him to this group but his talent could not be overlooked. He is one of the rare players that if he gets going he can go for 50 every night and assault the score sheet. Agent Zero will try to reload next year and resurrect his career and his public persona. If he can keep his sights on basketball and get a good supporting cast around him he can shoot his way to the top of the league. ( I just had to. Come on what kind of idiot with all that talent brings multiple guns to work and doesn’t think he is going to get in trouble? Not to mention sacrificing that enormous contract that he will never see?)


While taking the time to write the past three posts I have had a lot of time to think about where every Super Hero should fit in. The top of the list has been the hardest. So I decided to create another group. I call this the Batcave/Fortress of Solitude group. This is for the guys that I feel that are too good to be in the Batman group but not yet at the level of the Superman group. I feel like in the next few years depending on playoff success, possible MVP’s, and overall dominance while healthy will determine if these guys move up or down.

Chris Paul-Exciting, competitive, leader, GREAT. All these can be used to describe Chris Paul. Chris Paul scores, passes, rebounds and steals. It would not surprise me if CP3 got a quadruple double in his career. He makes everyone including his coach better. The only thing holding him back is where he plays. He is currently injured and his teammates are trying to stay above water. But CP3 cannot ascend to the Superman group with the group of players around him. Sure he makes them better but not to the level that he would need to win a title. They will compete and make the playoffs as long as he is healthy(He is currently nursing a knee injury) but he will not ascend to the top of the league like he truly should. Paul is an engaging young man with a great personality and the NBA would love to have him be in the same discussion as the other truly elite players in the league. The future will tell us if he can elevate to that next level.

Dwight Howard-Now I know his name is Superman but he is still in the BC/FOS group. He still only has two offensive moves.(The traveling Patrick Ewing Hook shot, and the dunk) Dwight is dominant and everyone loves him but he still needs to grow. You can’t go to him in the clutch because he is a terrible free throw shooter and the lack of moves. He also has to grow up a little bit. He is second in the NBA this year in technicals behind only Rasheed Blob Wallace. He is only 24 so there is no doubt in my mind he will be in the Superman group sooner than later but he still has some work to do. When he starts making more than two low post moves look out NBA.

Carmelo Anthony-After a great summer in the Olympics and back to back great seasons Melo is on the verge of being mentioned with the elite in the NBA. He scores easier than maybe anyone else in the league save Kevin Durant. He is still trying to figure out how he needs to lead his team. He is very lucky to Chauncey around to allow him to grow and become the player he will one day become. I love watching Melo now. He doesn’t simply settle for jump shots the way he did when he entered the league. He now goes to the basket and posts up with great effectiveness. If the Nuggets can play enough defense in the playoffs this year to make it to the finals, Melo could move into the Superman group this summer.

Kevin Durant-WOW! Really WOW! That’s all you need to say about this second year STUD. KD is tearing the NBA apart. More unguardable than Dirk. KD is 6’10 and can dribble. Maybe the best shooter in the league(sorry Jesus Shuttlesworth). Did I mention it’s only his second year?!!!! If he is on television you better watch. He is one of those players because of his size and skill that you want to watch as much as you can while he is around. You could see it coming during his freshman year at Texas. You just worried he wouldn’t be strong enough in the NBA. KD must be all about proving people wrong. He has his Thunder in the playoff picture and NO ONE and I mean NO ONE wants to play the Thunder in the first round. He is two HUGE playoff series away from vaulting into the Superman group. Once the country gets to see him in prime time they will beg to see him more. I just hope the young Thunder and can hold on to make the playoffs in the very difficult Western Conference.


At long last here it is! The Superman group. The guys that no matter what you would take on your team. This was the hardest group to determine because I didn’t know who to include and who to leave out. If you have read this entire post and the past posts then it is no surprise to you who are in this group. These are the guys who you wouldn’t trade and would basically give your entire franchise to acquire(unless you’re the Bulls because Luol Deng is so crucial) Many franchises are dumping talent and money because this summer two of the members of this group will be on the open market. So in no particular order and without further ado I give you THE SUPERMAN GROUP!

DWAYNE WADE-Catapulted into this group after he single-handedly led the Miami Heat to the 2006 NBA championship. What cemented him in the Superman group was his performance in the 2008 Summer Olympics, his spectacular play last season, and recent play in the 2010 All-Star game. When he is healthy his arguably the best player in the league.(He currently is hurt and with team he has and the money he is likely to make this summer if they fall out of the playoff hunt expect him to sit much more) He attacks the rim, loves the mid range jumper, has an assortment of post moves, and he is a tremendous passer. He makes his teammates better and they love to play with him. Will he leave Miami this summer? I sure hope so I think he would look amazing in a Bulls uniform. D-Wade has played with little talent around him since 2006 and has rarely been healthy. Last year he led the Heat to the playoffs while his best teammates were rookies. Let’s not forget he may be the second best late game shooter in the league. He is one of the 3 best players in the league and has not peaked. If he can stay healthy look out.

LEBRON JAMES-It’s no secret to SOGJ readers that I love Lebron. Lebron is an absolute physical freak. He is 6’8-6’9 260 to 270 pounds. He runs like a deer and jumps like gravity doesn’t apply to him. When he decides to he can get to the rim when ever he likes. Not even 85 Bears or 2000 Ravens could stop Lebron from getting to the rim.He does things so easily and so quickly you forget how big he is and how young he is. He is currently leading the league in scoring at 30 points per game handing out 8 assists and getting 7 rebounds and he is still on the up rise of his abilities. Just to compare only 3 guys have averaged 25 points 6 rebounds and 6 assists the first 6 years of their career, Bron Bron, Oscar Robertson and a guy named Michael Jordan. Wait King James is only 25! His jump shot is improving every game and he is a great help defender(See all kinds of monster blocks this year, he is getting better on the ball, Melo would disagree). He has been in the league for 6 years and is still got so far to go. He is also hands down the best passer of the 3 members of the Superman group. He is a willing passer who will look for the open man no matter what the situation. Let’s not forget that he has had two all-star teammates in his career and both would tell you it is because of Lebron. He has made Cleveland a contender every year with a bunch of role players and salary dump guys. Once he improves his shot and clutch ability he will be the clear-cut number 1 member of the Superman group but until then he will have to settle for being a part of a trio.

KOBE BRYANT-I thought about putting him in the Batman group. I really thought hard. Then something hit me, AM I CRAZY? He did score 81 points in a game!(It was against a pathetic Raptors team but he still had to put the ball in the hole.) Now I don’t like Kobe Bryant. I really can’t stand the way he tries to do a Michael Jordan impression.(See fist pumps, extended follow throughs, blowing on his fingers, speaking voice, post move, and overall game) BUT, I guess if you are going to imitate someone why not the greatest basketball player ever to live. I get it. Now the thing that I have come to realize is that no matter what I think, Kobe Bryant is really good. He scores when and where ever he wants to. He finally led a team to a title with out Shaq and is the most clutch player in the NBA. Is he the greatest player ever? No, I still feel that MJ was far more efficient of a scorer, better defender, and better teammate. Kobe is bigger, stronger, a better outside shooter, and maybe makes more bad shots than MJ did. Regardless Kobe deserves to be in the Superman group. I can’t say he is the best player in the league because I feel Lebron is better all around but he is the best scorer and may want to win more than anyone.

So there it is, The Super Hero index. We will see where the playoffs end up and how the rest of the season shakes out. Will guys move up or will guys move down? Will someone separate themselves in the Superman group? All these questions and more will be answered in the upcoming months. What ever happens the NBA is in a great place and I have watched more this year than I have since MJ retired the first time. I can’t wait for the playoffs and what is hopefully an epic NBA Finals.

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