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Suck it Kirk.

Kirk's worst fear: the black is back.

Somehow, the Bradley Braves coaching staff was able to orchestrate an 81-62 ass kicking of Creighton today in the quarterfinals of the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament.  It’s amazing considering the rigorous planning and time invested into the decision to rock the black jerseys.  How they were able to game plan against their arch nemesis, Dana Altman, and pull off an all night, boiler room style meeting to decide if the black jerseys were the right call or not is beyond me. It’s a good thing that PG Sam Maniscalco put up 31 points against the Bluejays to save their asses.

I agree with Kirk. This shit can’t continue to go on, especially in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament.  As a pseudo-alumni, I am outraged at the oversight and carelessness of this coaching staff.  These crappy gimmicks and shenanigans need to stop…now.

This is Bradley, not some single-A minor league baseball team.

(Those who aren’t catching the thick, creamy loads of sarcasm that I’m laying down right now, please read my previous article about my best friend Kirk Wessler.)

In all seriousness though, big congrats to my boys on the BU squad! A 19-point signature win in the MVC tournament is always a great way to start the weekend.

Bradley will face Northern Iowa tomorrow in the MVC Tournament semifinals, where Jordan Eglseder will still continue to have the hairline of a 70 year old man and look like Happy Gilmore’s former boss, Mr. Larson.

"...and I'll be waiting for you, in the parking lot!"


Come on, I know you see it too….

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