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March Madness INDEED!

Four days down and this has been one of the most entertaining NCAA Tournaments ever! Not only have there been multiple upset(By seed only if you have watched the games the better teams won) but the biggest upset of them all was when overall number 1 and supposed best team in the country, Kansas, was dominated by the Missouri Valley Champ University of Northern Iowa. With more names you don’t know and even a few more you can’t pronounce Northern Iowa is on a roll and there are no signs that they are slowing down. They meet up with the Big Ten’s Michigan State in the Sweet Sixteen and might be the favorite. Early reports are that Michigan States point guard and best player Kalin Lucas may have a torn achilles. This could mean that Northern Iowa would have a legitimate chance at the Elite 8 and possibly the Final Four!

Other upsets include St. Mary’s who took out higher seeds Richmond(7) and Villinova(WAY OVER RATED 2) pretty easily. From this we have met St. Mary’s hilarious big man Omar Samhan(Watch some of his interviews they are great!) They are playing awfully well but run into a very difficult opponent in the Baylor Bears from the Big 12. I think that the run may be over for St. Mary’s but heres hoping it’s not.

Finally the team that I have fallen in love with and are throroughly enjoyable to watch and have just plastered the first two teams they have played and that is the Big Red of Cornell. Now lets not forget they have defeated Temple and Wisconsin and this team can’t even give athletic scholarships. REALLY!!!! They can’t give scholarships! All there players have to be smart enough to get into the Ivy League school and then afford it. Not to mention that they all live together in the same house! You can read about that here:


Cornell next runs into the hottest and scariest team in the tournament Kentucky. If any team can control pace and frustrate the Wildcats it’s the Big Red. I hope that Ryan Whittman(Cornell’s best player) and the rest of the boys can keep their run going!

There has been some chalk, Duke, Kentucky, Ohio State, Syracuse, and West Virginia are all still alive. This all makes for a great second week of the tournament and we shall see if all the underdogs can make their way to Indianapolis!

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