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Baseball is BACK!

Through the first 3 days of the 2010 Major League Baseball season some things have changed, and some things have stayed the same.

On the first day of the season the Yankees and Red Sox put on a show, and new Yankee Curtis Granderson hit a home run for his new team, but the Red Sox prevailed behind Kevin Youkilis and his great batting stance.

Day two brought us truck loads of home runs! Two from arguably the greatest right handed batter in history of baseball. (I am a Cubs fan, but if I were the GM of the Cubs today, I would offer our entire farm system, Lou Pinella, and Carlos Zambrano for Albert Pujols.) The Cardinals hit four home runs against the Reds which made new hitting coach, and former super-cheater, Mark McGwire very happy.

The Cubs, who were supposed to be much better once they got rid of Milton Bradley, got destroyed by the Braves on Opening Day behind the arm of Derrick Lowe and the giant bat of soon to be Rookie of the Year, Jason Heyward. The 20 year old rookie launched a home run on his first major league swing. This kid is a stud, and has the potential and the raw skills to match the numbers that Mr. Pujols put up his rookie year.

Roy Halladay made his Philadelphia Phillies debut and sparkled for 7 innings and dominated. Some people are saying that this Phillies team will roll their way through the season and make another appearance in the World Series.

THE PIRATES WON A GAME! That’s right the Pirates won their first game again the Dodgers. Much in thanks to the 28 year old rookie bat of Garrett Jones. He hit two home runs, one of which was a bomb into the Allegheny River. The second floated over Manny Ramirez’s head in left where he gave little to no effort to go after the ball. I believe his hair was weighing him down. He now looks less like Manny being Manny and more like The Predator.

The battle of short pitchers put Tim Lincecum against Roy Oswalt. The hippy supreme won this battle. He threw seven strong innings and had seven strikeouts. After the game his knit the covers of two baseballs together and gave it to a homeless person to wear as a hat, and by homeless person I meant himself.

The White Sox, Rockies, Rangers, Mets, Tigers, Angels, Mariners, and Diamondbacks all won. Hopefully as the season unfolds it will be one that goes down in history as one of the better seasons in baseball. If the first three days are any sign of what things may be ahead I am very excited to watch more baseball!

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