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Oh Canada!

I have watched the current NBA playoffs more than I have watched any NBA basketball since Michael Jordan retired. I have learned a few things, LeBron James can’t consistently make a jumpshot, Orlando can really shoot, Boston is old but really good, Pau Gasol has the best post moves in the NBA, and Steve Nash is without a doubt the toughest player in the NBA!

This is not something that is new but clearly being displayed much more during these playoffs. The picture above is from the a few years ago when Nash broke his nose. Look at the shirt he is wearing. It is covered in his own blood and he could care less.

This year during the Western Conference quarterfinals Nash was elbowed in the face by Tim Duncan. His eyebrow was cut and he needed 6 stitches. After he was stitched up his eye swelled completely shut. So what did Nash do? He came back out on the floor and hit three monster 3 pointers to help his team win and close out the series…WITH ONE EYE! I don’t know if you have ever shot a NBA 3 pointer but it is a tough shot with 2 eyes let alone 1!

Now he is playing against the Lakers in the Conference finals. At the end of game 3 in Phoenix he and Derrick Fisher collided. Nash immediately grabbed his nose. Watching at home you could tell his nose was no longer straight and clearly broken. Instead of asking out of the game he calmly walked the length of the court to shoot his two free throws. The entire time Nash was trying to push his broken nose back into place!!!! Seriously Steve. If you have ever been hit in the nose you know how badly it hurts. Your nose begins to water, you get kind of dizzy, and your head starts to hurt. Nash tried to put the broken bone back into place! Then he walked down and hit both free throws!

They say there is a difference between being hurt and being injured, and Steve Nash always seems to be injured but if he is ever hurt he is not telling.

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