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LeRobin to Wade’s Batman and Cleveland damage control

Does this look like the face of someone confident with his decision?

For months I have tried to defend Lebron James. I love to watch him play basketball. I think that I still will enjoy watching him play basketball but after last night the way I view LeBron changed. I think it did for everyone outside of the state of Florida.

My defense of LeBron is over. I have tried to tell myself that LeBron deep down wants to be the intense winner like MJ or Kobe(still hurts to say it but its true) but after he decided to jump ship and take the easy way out of Cleveland it just isn’t so.

Last night I didn’t see a strong 25 year old man confident and happy with the biggest decision of his life. I saw a scared 25 year old kid who wants to play with his friends. People have been saying that this is about LeBrons ego and his fame but when has it ever been about LeBron with LeBron? He has always been a pass first player and in a sense a pass first person. As I wrote at the end of the playoffs I think that the time to blame LeBron was far overdue and thats because he has always been unselfish enough that you couldn’t fully blame him for losing. He did all he could put up ridiculous numbers and still couldn’t win. So he took the easy way out and went to a team where he no longer had to do that. Even watching him last night he looked like a guy who wasn’t making a decision for himself, but one more to make his friends happy.

Going to Miami wasn’t easy for LeBron not in the slightest bit. LeBron doesn’t want to be hated he wants to be loved. He has always wanted to be loved. Why else would he pass the ball willingly for 7 years to the likes of Ira Newble, Sasha Pavlovic, and Donyell Marshall. He wanted his teammates to like him his coaches to like him and his city to like him. It wasn’t until recently that his entourage has expanded that LeBron started really caring about LeBron. That’s why he will work well in Miami. He will pass the ball, never miss or take a big shot, and be a great teammate. He has Mr. Wade to lean on. D Wade loves the pressure, loves the big shot, and has the mentality to be Batman to LeBron’s Robin. That is what LeBron has never had and no we know more than ever it is clearly what LeBron has never been. His physical ability allowed him to have a Batman game with a Robin mentality. This is my gurantee Lebron will lead the league in assists this year but in the cities that boo him the loudest he will certainly crumble under the pressure of people just not liking him.

You would be pissed too if you just lost millions of dollars!

Cleveland will never be the same. They just lost their cash cow, their main event, their “Chosen One”. If you have ever broken up with a guy or girl and then they went absolutely psycho on you then you know how LeBron James feels. And if you have ever been dumped by the hottest/richest/best girl or boyfriend you have ever had then you know EXACTLY how Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert feels.

Gilberts scathing letter to Cavaliers fans needed to be written but I don’t know if the timing of it was correct. Instead of coming off as a place that looks attractive to potential free agents Dan Gilbert just became some weird angry hybrid of Al Davis and Marge Schott. Just another pissed off owner who blames players for everything. Sure I love the passion and I his comments were spot on I am just not sure about the timing. I think the funniest part of the Letter he released is that ESPN and other networks actually double checked to make sure it wasn’t just a big joke!

So where do the Cavs go from here? Well Antwan Jamison just became there best player and Mo Williams needs to start making shots. Would it surprise me if they won 45 games this year no, but it also wouldn’t surprise me is they won 25. I do know that I can’t wait for them to play the Heat.

What have we learned from the free agency fiasco of 2010? Well Darko and Joe Johnson got overpaid! D Wade and Pat Riley can recruit like Jon Calipari. LeBron James is a coward who will never be more than a really good second banana as long as he stays in Miami. Chicago is putting together a team that could be really good and shock everyone next year. And at the end of the day the Lakers are still the best team with in basketball and Miami has to fill out a roster of 8 guys using only roughly 6 million dollars. But if we have learned anything this summer is that Pat Riley can pull off some crazy stuff so don’t underestimate the guy.

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