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First LeBron, and now Tiger?

Tiger seen here with putting with the Nike Method during a practice round at St. Andrews this week.

Prepare for the scathing letter from the desk of putter mastermind Scotty Cameron, ala Dan Gilbert.

Tiger Woods has dumped his famed putter that he has used to win 13 majors since 1999 in favor of the Nike Method.  This may not seem like news to the casual sports fan, but golf nerds across the world might compare this to the LeBron fiasco decision.

He claims that the Nike Method helps him putt better on the slower greens at St. Andrews, which is hosting the 139th Open Championship this week.

From ESPN.com:

But he did disclose that he is putting a new putter in his bag for the first time in 11 years. Gone, at least for this week, is the Scotty Cameron Newport 2, a putter which has been in use for 13 of his 14 major championships going all the way back to May of 1999. Woods is going with a new Nike model called the Method.

“I’ve always been tempted to change my putter on slower greens and I’ve always struggled when greens are really slow,” Woods said. “I’ve always felt more comfortable when the greens are quick. I’ve always experimented with other putters throughout the years but I’ve never put one in play until now.”

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