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July = Favre Watch

(Editors Note: We here at SOGJ have had a hectic summer. Hell, one of us even tied the knot last month. We promise that we really are going to start posting on a regular basis again both on the blog and on our Twitter account @ScreamsofGus now that everything has settled down. To better accomplish this you’re going to see some new writers appearing on the site to help us out. This article was written by C-Burn, another smart Vikings fan and journalism major like myself. Enjoy. – KJ)

Favre led the Vikings to a 12-4 record and the NFC North title in 2009.

With training camp only weeks away, people are once again asking the question “What will Favre do?”

Growing up in Peoria, Illinois, I was surrounded my whole life by Chicago sports fans. Sure, some loved the Cubs, others (like a certain Bradley head basketball coach) were die-hard Sox fans. But everyone agreed on one thing…they all loved Da Bears. Well, I was an exception to this, and I know another intelligent writer on this blog (K.J.) is as well. I grew up a Minnesota Vikings fan. Heck, there’s a home video of me telling my mom that I was wearing my Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt at age one! So, naturally, I was just as happy as any Vikes fan when Brett Favre helped carry my team much farther than anyone anticipated last year. Everyone gave him such a hard time for coming back, but if he can still play, why not? Living in Minnesota this summer, I have realized that just about everyone else in this great state agrees. While some have other opinions, everyone just wants to see the purple and gold win, and if Favre’s the man to make it happen, then let’s go.

The only problem I have with the whole Favre situation is simple….outside of the season, he isn’t much of a team player, and that is beginning to rub off on other members of the Vikings squad. I’m sure some of you heard that he was not at mini-camp in June, which was to be expected, but did you hear Adrian Peterson wasn’t there either? It seemed as though Adrian thought “if Brett doesn’t have to be here, why do I? I’m just as much of a superstar on this team as he is, so see ya mini-camp.” Not ok. Sure, Favre’s situation is a little different, he’s been in the game for almost twenty years, I don’t think mini-camp is really going to help him hone any of his skills to a huge extent, but it’s just the principle. This is your team, you haven’t come out and said you wouldn’t be joining them in the fall, so come support the new guys and the ones that are busting their asses to make this season great. And then there’s Tarvaris Jackson, who has patiently waited for his time to shine, and works ridiculously hard to make sure he is ready when his time comes, but continues to get strung along. All Brett Favre has to do is say whether or not he is going to be back in the fall, and it was save so much heartache for Jackson in the end. He would know whether or not he would be starting this year and wouldn’t have to get his hopes up just to have them crushed. That to me is just common courtesy because you really can see the toll it takes on T-Jack. He was at mini-camp. Shiancoe, McKinnie, Allen (who just got married and cut all his hair off),  Rice, and everyone else minus AP and Favre were at mini-camp putting in the hard work to finish what they started last season.  (PS, I was at mini-camp, so I promise I’m not just pulling this out of thin air.)

I have no doubt in my mind Favre isn’t done. He has expressed that he wants to beat the Saints, and the Vikings roster is one that has a chance of going all the way. I just hope that the constant roller coaster that is Brett Favre doesn’t end up taking a serious toll on the rest of the Vikings squad and ruining their shot of being the best.

Like I said, I was just as happy as every other fan that bleeds purple and gold when Favre took us as far as he did this season; I was pissed when he kept getting unrightfully beat up on during the Saints game; and I want nothing more than to see him come back for another season. I just wish his ways were a little more thought out towards his teammates….then again, he is THE Brett Favre.

(I’ll also be at training camp for two days in Mankato, so I’ll be sure to post more after that!)


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