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R.I.P Mr. Steinbrenner

Today sports lost the greatest owner of the last 100 years. After suffering a massive heart attack early this morning George Steinbrenner died at the age of 80.

Being from Illinois and not being a Yankee fan I have no vested interest in “The Boss” as he was known for many years. But the thing that made Steinbrenner different is that no matter who you rooted for, you knew who he was. He was the owner that transcended sports. He was in commercials and TV shows. What other owner was a reoccuring character on the biggest sitcom in the past 50 years? George was the guy that spent his money like you and your friends say you would spend your money if you owned a sports team. That’s what made him different, that’s what made him great. He knew that he needed to spend money to make money. Did it always work? Well no. For all the A-Rod’s and Mark Teixeira’s there at the Chuck Knoblauch’s and Hideki Irabu’s. But for George that didn’t matter he wanted the best and wanted to make sure that no one else had a chance to snatch them up. Like him or not you can’t argue that one thing you will remember about George is that he won and he won a lot.

So today sports lost a legend. Remember not that year after year he kept your favorite team from winning but that he spent his money like you would, like a fan because his favorite team was the Yankees and he did whatever it took for them to win. Rest in peace Mr. Steinbrenner baseball will never be the same without you.

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