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Carlos Zambrano is not crazy he is just misunderstood

Does he look crazy?

This Monday exiled Chicago Cubs pitcher Crazy Carlos Zambrano will return to the team. The Cubs brass feel that it will be an easier transition for the often misunderstood pitcher to return on the road. REALLY!!!? Is there really a good place for him to return? Do we remember what the guy did 3 weeks ago? He went off on Gold Glove first baseman and team leader Derrick Lee for not diving hard enough at a ball? I was at the game and saw the play Lee dove as good of an effort as he could on that ball.

In all my life I can’t remember a time when an athlete had to leave his team for anger management, and not because he was mad at his opponents, NO!, he was mad at his teammates.

Here’s how crazy Big Z is, after his blow up cross town crazy man Ozzie Guillen had dinner with him and told him to calm down.(This actually happened)

Dennis Rodman called him and told him he needed to talk to someone about his problems.

Former angry roided up Cleveland Indian Albert Belle sent Carlos a card with a puppy on it that said, “Angry Puppy’s are just puppy’s who need a treat” Love Albert

The Ultimate Warrior(yep the wrestler) offered a shoulder to cry on, telling Carlos, “I know it hurts sometimes but let the pain go”

So hopefully Big Z will take all the great advice and come back a changed man because if not the Cubs need to think about a change of teams for the often misunderstood Carlos Zambrano.

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