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Who is David Kahn?

Yep he hired Kurt Rambis

This summer I have become more of a sports junky than I thought possible.(My friends who may or may not be reading this are shaking their heads no.) But truly I have. It has gotten to the point where I have watched and DVR’d(I don’t know if it’s even a word) multiple NBA summer league games. I am really glad that I did. Upon watching the Sacramento Kings play the Minnesota Timberwolves(SOGJ’s favorite NBA player Patrick O’Bryant was playing for the Wolves) I became lucky to be introduced to possibly the worst GM in the NBA. Now if you are a follower of Bill Simmons which I am, you know that he mentions Mr. Kahn all the time. This is something that I have not taken much credence to, but just thought it was another running joke that he makes(There are certain things that he will constantly joke about and if you don’t follow him religiously you get lost.) That was until I saw Mr. Kahn in action. In the clip below he discusses with Chris Webber why Darko Milicic is a better player than every other GM in the NBA believes. Please pay attention to Chris Webber’s body language he sits there in complete disgust, also my favorite part is the 4:52 mark listen to Webber’s good luck.(This is classic tv)

Now since this debacle Kahn has been on a roll. He called Webber a schmuck and was fined today for talking about how Michael Beasley smoked too much pot in Miami! Really David you thought that was fair game for the media? I am sure Mike Beasley is thrilled.

Since Kevin Garnett was traded from Minnesota the team has been in a constant state of flux. This is only because of Kahn starting last year. He drafted Ricky Rubio who decided he like Spain much better than the frozen tundra of a Minnesota winter.(Do you blame him?) There current roster includes 3 point guards, 5 small forwards, 1 shooting guard, 1 power forward and Darko Milicic and Kosta Koufas. This was all done all the while giving up your best player in Al Jefferson for draft picks and Kosta Koufas! I am not an NBA GM but WTF!!!!!

Kahn is a one time sportswriter, one time lawyer, one time NBDL team owner, and two time sports executive. I guess that means that he is qualified to put together an NBA roster. If anything it gives myself and fellow blogger MEA hope to one day be NBA GMs. I know this I can’t wait to hear what he says next!

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