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Tiger Woods is still really good…and golf is really hard!

Since Tiger Woods returned from his, uh, personal problems he has been in what he would consider a slump. Most people who know how good Tiger Woods is would also say he is in a slump. But here is the thing 95% of professional golfers would love to be in a slump like Tiger.

Let’s take a look. Tiger has played in 7 tournaments this year. He has made the cut in 6 of the 7 and had to withdraw from one. He is currently ranked #1 in the world and is in 102nd place on the Fedex Cup Standings. He has made $789,511 in tour winnings. Now compare that to the golfers on either side of the Fedex Cup standings.

This ladies and gentlemen is Josh Teater.

Josh Teater is ranked 101, have you ever heard of Josh Teater? I haven’t. Josh Teater has played in 21 events and missed the cut for 8 of them. He has missed the cut more than Tiger has played events!!! His best finish was a tie for 5th at the At&T Pro-Am, his 4th event of the year. Tiger’s tied for 4th twice in the Masters, his first tournament back after having his mistakes splashed all over every newspaper in the world and 4th at the U.S. Open his fifth tournament of the year! Also I forgot to mention Josh Teater has only(I just want to say I wish I only made this much money for doing something) earned $633,592 for the year.

Meet Nathan Green

Nathan Green, is one spot behind Tiger in 103rd. He has player in 19 tournaments and missed the cut in 7 of them! His best finished is a tie for 8th place in his second tournament of the year. He played in the Masters and finished 44 spots behind Tiger. I don’t recall hearing anything about Nathan Green’s personal life(or him period really) leading up to the Masters. He has only earned $525,010 on the tour this year.

So what does all this mean you ask? Well Tiger Woods is really, really good at golf. I mean freakishly good. Like as good as you say you were at your favorite video game when you were a kid. Like when someone says, “Oh I was really good at Super Mario Brothers 3.” and you say, “Oh that was my game. I could have gone pro at that I was so good!” That’s how good Tiger is at golf. Sure we already sort of knew that but he has to try to concentrate for an entire tournament knowing that every smirk,curse word, flinch, and little thing he does is going to be analyzed by someone, somewhere. We think he is trying to rebuild his personal life and may still be a schmuck deep down…but I think he is trying to become a better person. If he isn’t, who really cares you don’t watch him because he treats people nicely(it isn’t Mr. Rogers) you watch him because of what he can do on a golf course.

P.S. If you have ever played golf you know how f’ing hard it is which make Tiger that much more impressive!

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  1. August 24, 2010 at 8:13 am

    Tiger Woods is going through a really rough patch. I just read the announcement that he is now officially divorced. I believe he will start a new chapter in his life and get back on the right track(Winning!). Because that’s what Tiger Woods was born to do. He was born to break all kinds of records in golf, which he’s already done, and he’ll break many more. He made a mistake, which we all have, and hopefully he’ll grow from it.

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