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Oh Brett!

For three years August has become Brett Favre month. Now this summer we were treated with a media frenzy like no other with LeBron’s The Decision. (Still getting over how ridiculous it was) So we haven’t had to deal with as much Brett talk but it has been becoming fast and furious the past few days.

Let’s take a look at this…

Late Monday Night-News broke that Brett may be retiring.

Tuesday morning-Sources started to confirm that Brett Favre was indeed retiring. Sidenote here, it is no secret that I hate number 4 and the moment I heard the news I sent a text to my friends declaring my joy.

Tuesday afternoon-After reports all morning that teammates received text messages from Brett saying he was retiring, Coach Brad Childress announced he had not heard from Brett and that no retirement was confirmed. Teammates came out and said they would not be surprised either way but that they wanted him to return. Another sidenote my short-lived joy turned into agony realizing that we are dealing with Brett Favre and he is never retired until the paper work is filed and even then it’s not guaranteed.

Wednesday morning- Reports surface that Minnesota is scared that Brett actually may retire so they decide to make a bigger offer on his salary increasing his 13 million dollar contract up to 16 million plus incentives. More reports start to roll out that Brett never text teammates and that he is in no way retired. Brett then spoke to ESPN’s Ed Werder and told him he was waiting to see how his surgically repaired ankle felt before he made a decision about playing this year. He claimed it was not about the money and that it is all about his health. Third sidenote… I hate Brett Favre.

So what have we learned in the past 2 and a half days? Well that regardless of if you love him or hate him Brett Favre makes people talk. (My fellow SOGJ writer KJ’s Facebook page has been blowing up all day), Brett Favre may or may not be retiring, and I hate Brett Favre. What I would like to know is this, if Brett didn’t send text messages, and Bus Cook, Brett’s agent, didn’t create this retirement talk, then who is behind this all? Is ESPN fabricating all this talk to create news? Is Minnesota trying to force Brett’s hand so they can quit dealing with the hoopla? Or is Brett and his team trying to manipulate the system to increase his salary over the next year?

This summer my friends have told me that LeBron and his media frenzy have completely trumped any type of media attention that Mr. Favre has ever gotten. I have to completely disagree LeBron hijacked the NBA for 3 or 4 months and Favre is going on his 3rd year of hijacking the NFL offseason. Just for the record I believe Brett is coming back. Unfortunately I have to deal with my hatred of the good old boy for one more year. I hate you Brett Favre!

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