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NFL Questions!

The NFL season is rapidly approaching and it got me thinking about some questions I have about the upcoming year.

1. How long before T.O. and Ochocinco get into some type of twitter war?

You know it is only a matter of time before these two duke it out via twitter or some form of social media. Chances are it will be about a reality show or a celebration or why one is better than the other. Inevitably the two largest egos in the game will collide I just hope VH1’s cameras are their to catch the action.

2. How long before the Eagles have to depend on Mike Vick at quaterback?

This is maybe the scariest of any scenario for the NFL. Kevin Kolb struggles for the first few games and Mr. Dog Fighter himself is thrust back into the starting spot. With his recent off season stumble is America ready to accept him as more than just a gimmick in Philly’s offense?

3. How long before, Cedric Benson or any Cincinnati Bengal gets arrested?

Roger Goodel might as well have a fall/winter home in Ohio. In recent most of his discipline has been handed down to the Bengals. I wonder if for a change it will be Carson Palmer paintballing his neighbors mailbox while intoxicated and getting arrested.

4. When will Albert Haynesworth get fed up with Mike Shanahan?

Two things can happen here-A. Haynesworth goes on the Prince Fielder vegan diet and turns into a lean mean fighting machine. Basically destroying any offensive lineman in his path or B. He completely self destructs and becomes a modern day Fat Albert and stands on the sideline eating Twinkies and loaded french fries during every Redskins game.

5. When will Ben Roethlisberger do something stupid to get himself thrown out of the league?

You know when you are a little kid and you touch something that is hot? You learn not to touch it again, right? Well Big Ben has yet to learn this lesson. First the motorcycle incident then his little back alley night club dealings when is this guy going to learn. He is a heck of a quaterback but he is a moron if he thinks that Roger Goodel is going to continue to put up with his shennigans.

6. How long before Tim Tebow is the starting quaterback for the Denver Broncos?

Not that I don’t love Kyle Orton and his neck beard or Brady Quinn and his biceps but it’s TIM FREAKING TEBOW! I give it 4 weeks tops before the Captain of Team Jesus is strutting out as a starter. When has a 3rd string quaterback gotten more attention than what Tebow gets? I certainly can’t remember. I can’t wait for the Mile High Messiah to take the rains!

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