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Evil Tiger…

While I am by no means disagreeing with Superman on the fact that Tiger is still better at golf than most of us are at anything that we do. There is a counter idea I must propose.

The other day KJ and I were discussing over lunch how Tiger was struggling at Bridgestone and just not being to put it best Tiger. The amount of money of the settlement came up along with the sponsors lost and so on and so on and I brought up the point of what does Tiger have left to lose? For the most part the sponsors that have stuck by him are going to stay. Nike isn’t going anywhere, there’s a million other watch companies out there, and while it may still be a little early for Gatorade to be putting up “Tiger is it in you?” banners I don’t think they are going to be going anywhere anytime soon either.

So the major sponsors are left, his life is in shambles, his golf game is at the time struggling what is there left to lose?

Enter “Evil Tiger”…

Maybe the strippers’ and escorts, and Perkins waitresses, and booze and parties and everything else was what allowed Tiger to be Tiger. The Tiger we knew and loved. Personally I could are less on his person life. I always enjoyed Tiger for the dominance on the course and not because of his home life or appearance there of. I never cared about Jordan’s gambling or Strawberry’s coke habit I just cared that when came time to bring it they did and were there and better than the rest.

So my plan for Tiger you ask? Go nuts. Make John Daily look like an alter boy. Hell team up with the big man and start a Holes and Ho’s pro-am. Tiger should date models and porn stars and Perkins, Denny’s, and IHOP waitresses he should bring them to the tournaments on his giant yacht, drive Lambo’s and Ferrari’s, move to Vegas and live in the penthouse of the Palms.

Get new sponsors like Grey Goose, Red Bull, Trojan, and trade Buick for Bentley.

Tiger could get away with all of this and probably even gain some more male fans too as long as he does one key thing with all of this..win. I want to see the old Tiger the guy who would win by 12 strokes and smirk in the post round interviews. I want that swagger and dominance back and if the above is what it takes to get it I’m ok with giving him a pass. He’s a golfer not a president and we should be worried about what he does on the course and not in the sheets.

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