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It took time to appreciate Scottie

Always in MJ's shadow right where he liked it.

Growing up in central Illinois in the 1990’s if you weren’t a Chicago Bulls fan you were pretty rare. There were usually two schools of thought on who your favorite player was, obviously most went with Michael Jordan and everyone else rooted for Scottie Pippen. I fell into the first camp. I loved MJ he was the man. I knew Scottie was good but he was just Robin to Michael’s Batman. He was my little brother’s favorite.

Years later Scottie Pippen has made it to the Basketball Hall of Fame. It wasn’t till a few years ago, after watching and re-watching countless games on dvd, ESPN Classic, and NBA TV that I truly began to appreciate Scottie Pippen as a basketball player.

He was truly ahead of his time. I myself have been guilty of being in awe of how much of a freak that LeBron James is but give me Scottie’s smothering defense and I like my chances. He was a 6’7 point forward that could literally guard all 5 positions. MJ could take chances on defense to get his highlight dunks because he knew Scottie had his back. Playing against the Bulls defense with all its length and Scottie as its anchor was like trying to throw a hardball through a tree try as you might you weren’t making more than a dent.

Scottie got steals, blocks, and for my money is the greatest player I have ever watched at taking charges. He would throw his body in front of anyone to get a stop. I can remember a playoff game in the late 90’s where he took 4 charges! That’s in one game! Find me a time a superstar took 4 charges in a playoff series let alone a game!

Offensively Scottie was ever improving. Originally a slasher and occasional spot up shooter. He turned himself into a reliable go to guy and good 3 point shooter. I can remember before Tim Duncan shot 18 foot bank shots Scottie used it as a lethal weapon. He also became the NBA’s first point forward.

Scottie deserves his place in the hall and I am happy he got in. He will always be one of my favorite players to watch and  now I truly appreciate all the things that he did on the basketball court.

  1. pat mooney
    August 15, 2010 at 7:30 am

    good observations

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