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Dear Brett,
I just got the news…great to have you back. When I got drafted I told my mom maybe someday I will be a backup for a Hall of Famer, and thanks to you it happened!  Sure you had to come out if retirement but I mean I don’t blame you! Who wants to make a living as a NFL quarterback when its so much easier to carry your clipboard. You know I tried the whole ” I don’t want to go to training camp so I might not play what are you going to do about” routine once, you know what the Vikings did…sent the backup equipment manager to gather my things! But I am glad your back Brett. This means I can stop working so hard at training camp. I know you have been sitting back throwing to high school kids, while all your teammates have been going through 2 a days but its your spot I will just get my clipboard. Just one more thing Brett when you throw a costly interception at the end of our last game this year and we head to the off season when you decide to do this for the fourth year in a row, you think you could give me a heads up? Sage has been asking about you everyday it breaks his heart when you’re not here, just for his sake I won’t tell I promise I know how you love keeping everybody on their toes! Ok well see you at practice…oh wait you won’t be there by the time the second team takes the field…ok well maybe at our 3rd pre-season game we can catch up.
Sincerely yours,
Tavaris Jackson
P.s. hope the ankle holds up!

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