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That Wrangler guy

Well it’s been a few months since the last time we have posted anything but what topic would be better than, you guessed it, Brett Favre! After yet another off season of the will he won’t he game Brett showed up to training camp late. The difference is that this year his receiving corps has been decimated by injury. Percy Harvin has had chronic migraines and a bad hip and Sidney Rice will miss who knows how much more time recovering from hip surgery. Now if that was Brett’s only problem I would not be writing this! Last week a report was published that while Brett, a married man, played for the Jets he sent inappropriate pictures to a Jets sideline reporter. Let’s just say they were of little Brett. Really Brett sending pictures of your dong to try to convince a girl to date you, and your married! Now of course all of this is alleged but if you listen to the desperate voicemail he also left it’s pretty pathetic and I believe it is the old gunslingers voice.
So where does this leave Favre? We he is the starting quarterback of a 1-3 Vikings team and he has a bum ankle and elbow and a pending NFL investigation looming over his head. Can you imagine the guys conducting the investigation?
NFL security: Brett we are going to need you to take your wranglers off.
Brett: Uh guys these pants are Uh real…comfortable…
NFL security: Yea we know Brett we have seen the commercial, we need to compare you to the photo.
Brett: Uh you know you don’t have to do that. I mean I I am not making excuses but my arm hurts.
NFL security: Brett we aren’t the media we know your old. Now let us do our job! And if we can’t convince you we have Ryan Longwell, Jared Allen, and Steve Hutchinson in the hall waiting to help.
Brett: Well only because its for the team.
Or something along those lines anyway. This week they play Dallas and I have a feeling it will be the beginning of the end for our friend Brett! That is until next fall!

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