About “Screams of Gus Johnson”

Our mission is simple. We are three guys from central Illinois who are aiming to maintain a unique sports blog using sarcasm, humor, and knowledge and develop loyal followers and fans along the way. We have been inspired by the likes of Gus Johnson(obviously), Bill Simmons, PTI, and the overall ignorance of Skip Bayless. We do not contend that we know everything or that we are always right but we will give our opinions and information on all sports and pretty much any topic relating to sports.

Our blog name was derived from the smooth, melodious pipes of legendary sports announcer Gus Johnson. You may recall him from announcing, or screaming, several memorable NCAA, NBA and NFL games. We share his enthusiasm and passion for sports, and sometimes even scream just like him. Still confused? Have a listen:

Please subscribe to SOGJ by clicking on subscribe on the right hand side of the main page. If you enjoy what you read remember sharing is caring so share us with anyone with a pulse.

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