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Erin Andrews Stalker Pleads Guilty

December 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Andrews repeatedly called her stalker a "sexual predator" during the trial.

Erin Andrews asked for a judge in a Los Angeles court room to throw the book at her alleged stalker today.  The accused, Michael David Barrett, was arrested last week for taking hotel peep-hole videos of the ESPN personality. Michael David Barrett pled guilty to the crime of interstate stalking (Didn’t they make an 80’s movie about that?).
An Illinois insurance executive pleaded guilty Tuesday to secretly shooting nude videos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, who repeatedly called her stalker a sexual predator in court and said she hopes he “never sees the light of day.”

Michael David Barrett pleaded guilty to interstate stalking after Andrews urged the judge to give him a harsh sentence and not allow him out on bail.

“His actions have had a devastating impact on me and my family,” said Andrews, who attended the hearing in Los Angeles with her father and attorney.

She said she is constantly reminded that Barrett’s videos appeared online, subjecting her to cruel taunts from sports fans while working as a sideline reporter.

“I don’t know him,” she said. “I haven’t met him. I hope he never sees the light of day.”

U.S. District Judge Manuel Real allowed Barrett, of Westmont, Ill., to remain free pending sentencing on Feb. 22.

A plea deal filed last week says prosecutors and Barrett agreed to a 27-month prison sentence. But the judge will decide how long he serves and how much restitution he will have to pay Andrews.

This brings me to my next point, give Erin Andrews whatever she wants! Have you seen her? Tell me is there any other sideline reporter that you want to be doing sideline interviews at sporting events. I hold my breath every single time I turn on ESPN in hopes that she will be the sideline reporter. The few times that she is not I can assure you that it is a complete and total let down.  ESPN just needs to let her have her own show. It would rival American Idol in ratings. I know at least one SOGJ author who would watch every single night (You know who you are, Mr. Erin Andrews).
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