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Hockey wins again.

April 6, 2010 1 comment

This story is just plain awesome. The 1989 state hockey championship in New Jersey was canceled due to a measles outbreak at one of the participating schools. Due to scheduling conflicts, it was never rescheduled and the teams were announced as co-champions. Until now, that is. From Yahoo! Sports:

Delbarton and St. Joseph are located a handful of miles from each other in North Jersey. The schools have long been hockey powers. In 1989, their road to the state final seemed destined from the start.

St. Joseph’s was No. 1; Delbarton was No. 2. But everyone knew they were going to settle it on the ice.

Then, the day before the final was to be played, there was a measles outbreak at Delbarton. The game was off.

Williams was one of the driving forces behind an idea to finally play the 1989 New Jersey state hockey final between St. Joseph’s and Delbarton – a game that was cancelled 21 years ago due to a measles outbreak.

What started as an exchange of a crazy idea for closure had turned into a huge fundraiser for charity. It finally was game time.

Delbarton defeated St. Joseph by a score of 3-2 and became the only middle aged men to ever win a high school state championship.

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