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2010 becomes 2011 continued

January 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Boxing continues to be one of Americas forgotten sports. In one of my first posts on this blog I wrote about how Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. needed to fight to save boxing and nearly a year later the fight still hasn’t happened. Both have fought and both have won easily, but they have yet to fight each other. To make boxing even more irrelevant the heavyweight division is still without a major superstar. So the question is…

Will Pacquioa and Mayweather fight? Will the Klitschko brothers fight each other and give people something to talk about.

Answer: Pacquioa’s next fight has already been determined and that is against and over the hill Sugar Shane Mosely(Less sugar and more molasses last time I checked). Mayweather on the other hand will be fighting the law after numerous allegations were brought up against him. Will these two fight? I say yes, just not when anyone cares anymore. I feel like this will be a fight that happens late in both of their careers when they are not the tremendous fighters they are today.

As for the Klitschkos… noway this happens but wouldn’t it be great to see them duke it out? Not only would it unify 3 belts but what would be better than watching two brothers beat the hell out of each other!

Celtics won round 1… Lakers won round 1 and 1/2 and round 2. Round 3? Both are on a collision course once again to meet in the finals. This year however both paths are far more difficult, So the question is…

Will the NBA Finals be Lakers vs. Celtics?

Answer: No! Not only are the Lakers are too old, but they still have to go through the west. The Spurs are better, the Mavericks are playing defense, and the Thunder are better. The Celtics have to go through, wait for it…THE EAST! I know shocking right! The not only have to battle the Magic and the Bulls, but there is this little team in Miami that is starting to figure things out. One of the two may make it but I have a hard time believing that both will get there.

You remember this guy right? He was and still is the best golfer in the world. Sure he had a rough 2010, but who didn’t really? Sure his was far worse than most people on the planet but whose to say he can’t bounce back. So the question is…

Will Tiger Woods fix his golf game and start winning again?

Answer: PGA Tour you have been warned. Tiger fell off so much that other golfers actually started talking smack! If struggling through an entire golf season wasn’t bad enough, other golfers actually not fearing Tiger was the last straw. I foresee Tiger going bananas this year and leaving a clear path of destruction in his wake. Wins, Wins, and more wins.

Bonus question: Will Tiger Woods start dating again?

Bonus Answer: Now I would love nothing more than Tiger to start dating either Lindsey Lohan or Brittney Spears, but after the year he had I just can’t imagine him dating so soon. If he does date however I expect the women to be someone from high society without any history of any shady past whatsoever.


Both the NFL and NBA are in golden eras and both are in jeopardy of not having seasons next year. So the question is…

Will the NBA and NFL have lockouts next year?

Answer: David Stern and Roger Goddell call Bud Selig and ask him how 1994 was, PLEASE!!! No one wants to see a strike. In the NFL it would mean players like Tom Brady, Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and Andre Johnson wasting prime years of their careers. In the NBA it would be a loss for Lebron James, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and Kobe Bryant. Both leagues have never been better so hopefully these labor negotiations can be worked out before we lose any basketball or football.

2010 was a great year in sports and hopefully 2011 can be even better. Hopefully we will soon be able to find out the answers to all these questions! Happy New Years from SOGJ!


2010 becomes 2011

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Its been a while and a lot has happened that has not been blogged by your favorite writers here at SOGJ but a new year means a fresh start.

Sitting around deciding what to write about has been the hardest part of jumping back onto the blog. I didn’t whether to write a year in review or a prediction of things to come so I decided to combine the two ideas. The year that was and the questions the create for next year.

1. Brett Favre’s NFL Future

For 20 years Brett Favre has played in the NFL and finally after this season that may come to an end. After an amazing 2009-2010 season Brett came back after his annual, “I may reitre”, “I don’t know what I am doing”, “I want to play.” fall fiasco to play one of the toughest seasons ever by an NFL player. Now it is no secret I am not a fan of Brett Favre but I have to give the man respect for being an absolute warrior playing through multiple injuries that individually would sideline most men but he played with all of them. A fractured ankle, a concussion, a sore shoulder, a sore elbow, a fractured foot, and a broken reputation(thanks Jenn Sterger). So the question is…

Will Brett Favre retire?

The answer: Most likely I think he will. Now that being said it would not surprise me in the least bit if we see number 4 in purple and gold next year.

After a stellar college career Tim Tebow was suprisingly drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos. Former head coach Josh McDaniels traded up to the first round to get the Captain of Team Jesus, even though most projections had him as a 4th round pick at very best. Most of the uncertainty was based around the fact that it took Tebow 3 days to wind up and throw the football. So what did Tebow do? He changed his throwing motion and eliminated his hitch. This was a positive sign that Tebow one day may be an effective NFL QB. Then the Broncos signed starting quarterback Kyle Orton to and extension, effectively ending any chance for Tebow to start for the foreseeable future. Flash forward 6 months, fire Josh McDaniels, take the Broncos out of the playoffs and Tim Tebow gets his chance to start and after two games he has looked good! So the question is…

Will Tim Tebow be a starting quarterback in the NFL for the next ten years?

The answer: I think yes. From what we know about Tebow is that he has the will of Rocky Balboa, the determination of a stubborn child, and Jesus on his side. He wants to prove all of America wrong that he can play.

Coach K has had 2 and a half of the best coaching years in the history of basketball. First he led the Redeem Team to the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal, then he led the his Duke Blue Devils to the National Title, and he followed that by leading Team USA to the World Championships. He will soon break the record for all time wins by a coach in NCAA history and his team is currently ranked number 1 again. So the question is…

Will Duke win another title and is Coach K the greatest coach ever?

I think that Duke will repeat in a walk. They are clearly the best team in the country, with the deepest lineup, and the best players. As far as the greatest coach ever I think he is certainly making a case for it. If in 2012 he leads Team USA to another gold medal there are few other coaches who have done what he has accomplished.

To be continued…

Brandon Phillips is a Little Bitch…

August 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Many of you may not know Brandon Phillips, and that’s okay. (He’s the 2B for the Cincinnati Reds) On Monday he felt the need to air his feelings about the Reds upcoming opponents, the St. Louis Cardinals.

From “I hate the Cardinals. All they do is bitch and moan about everything, all of them, they’re little bitches, all of ’em.”

The same day Phillips decided to do some more talking with his bat by going 0 for 5 against the Redbirds in a 7-3 loss. Well, guess who wasn’t done being a punk bitch himself? That’s right, Phillips felt like being a dick once again…

At the start of Tuesday’s game, Phillips felt the need to say hello to Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina with a tap on the shin guard with his bat. Molina proceeded to kick away the obvious slap in the face from the player who recently called him a “little bitch.” Phillips then got into the face of Molina and a good old fashioned basebrawl ensued. The Cardinals then took game 2 of the series, sparked by an early Molina HR, with a 8-4 win.

So, you’re probably asking yourself, “what’s the point KJ?” Here we go…

Phillips just blew his load in the first real week he’s ever been in a playoff race. In fact, Phillips has never even played in an MLB playoff game. Why he would call out a successful organization like the Cardinals for no apparent reason is beyond me.

While the Cardinals were busy winning 3 NL Central crowns and a World Series, Phillips was the anchor of a Reds franchise that strung together consecutive 5th place finishes with his .261 batting average and 100+ strikeout seasons.

Did I mention that Phillips isn’t afraid to back up his words with his bat? Since he’s called out the entire Cardinals organization he’s been on a tear. He’s hitting .100 with 1 meaningless RBI in two blowout losses against St. Louis.

Let me cut the sarcasm now, Phillips is the bitch. He opened his mouth during the most important home series in recent Reds history, and the most highly anticipated series at the newly opened Great American Ballpark. The Reds are now on the verge of getting swept at home in this pivotal series, with many thanks to Phillips for lighting the proverbial match under the collective asses of the Cardinals.

He openly showed how ignorant he is by ripping current teammates and former Cardinals, Scott Rolen and Jim Edmonds and his current boss and former Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty with his childish blabbering.

I’ve seen plenty of Reds games and Brandon Phillips doesn’t exactly represent the history and tradition of baseball on the field. He just needs to shut up, play the game, and enjoy his time in the sun. It won’t be too much longer until the Reds are irrelevant again at this pace…

Carlos Zambrano is not crazy he is just misunderstood

July 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Does he look crazy?

This Monday exiled Chicago Cubs pitcher Crazy Carlos Zambrano will return to the team. The Cubs brass feel that it will be an easier transition for the often misunderstood pitcher to return on the road. REALLY!!!? Is there really a good place for him to return? Do we remember what the guy did 3 weeks ago? He went off on Gold Glove first baseman and team leader Derrick Lee for not diving hard enough at a ball? I was at the game and saw the play Lee dove as good of an effort as he could on that ball.

In all my life I can’t remember a time when an athlete had to leave his team for anger management, and not because he was mad at his opponents, NO!, he was mad at his teammates.

Here’s how crazy Big Z is, after his blow up cross town crazy man Ozzie Guillen had dinner with him and told him to calm down.(This actually happened)

Dennis Rodman called him and told him he needed to talk to someone about his problems.

Former angry roided up Cleveland Indian Albert Belle sent Carlos a card with a puppy on it that said, “Angry Puppy’s are just puppy’s who need a treat” Love Albert

The Ultimate Warrior(yep the wrestler) offered a shoulder to cry on, telling Carlos, “I know it hurts sometimes but let the pain go”

So hopefully Big Z will take all the great advice and come back a changed man because if not the Cubs need to think about a change of teams for the often misunderstood Carlos Zambrano.

Summer of 2010

July 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Who would have thought?

For three years this summer has had a bullseye on it. We have waited and waited for something spectacular and regardless of how you feel about the newly created Miami Heat this summer has been spectacular. But they have only been part of the story that is the summer of 2010 there has been so much more.

The NBA Finals

It started in June where in a rematch of the 2008 finals the Lakers and Celtics collided in a classic 7 game series. Game 7 was an ugly, physical perfect game 7 that went down to the final minutes. Kobe had a horrendous 4th quarter which was very unlike the best closer in the game and it was (mentally disturbed) Ron Artest who hit the biggest shot of the finals down the stretch.

The World Cup

Once again fake football took America by storm. Once again many Americans began caring about Futbol! We finally had something to root for as our Americans got out of their group (apparently a big deal) and then were a poorly played game away from making the semi-finals. Its been a few weeks and like expected we have moved on from the soccer kick(bad pun I know) and we are ready for the real football to begin.


Rookie phenom Stephen Strasburg made his Major League debut and blew away the Pittsburgh Pirates.(Most of these guys should be playing church league softball to be fair) He has made 9 starts and is 5-2. If he played for someone other than the Nationals he would probably have a better record. What I am most impressed by is his Matt Clementesque goatee that just seems to keep getting larger and larger.

Brett Favre

This was one of the many times he has retired.

Once again we have out favorite season Favre(Please insert heavy sarcasm). It comes right between summer and fall. This is the time of year we find out whether or not Mr. Favre feels his body is healthy enough to come back and play. It includes will he won’t he talk, Brad Childress visiting Mississippi(Happened earlier this week), Brett throwing laser beams to high school kids, and of course our favorite reporter Rachel Nichols setting up a tent on Brett Favre’s front lawn. She must get a Christmas card from the Favre family.

The NBA Free Agent Fiasco

In what was supposed to be a free for all it truly lived up to the hype. Whether it was the meetings, the rumors, the “Decision”, or just the fun NBA free agency lived up to the hype. We now have a legitimate possible super power in the East since LeBron, Wade, and Bosh joined forces. Chicago, New York, and Golden State all got better. This NBA season will hopefully be one of the best in a long time. Every time the Heat play they will get every teams best. They have become the NBA’s version of the Yankees.

This summer has been one to remember and I can’t for the fall. College sports, NBA and NFL we are truly living in a golden era of sport.

R.I.P Mr. Steinbrenner

July 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Today sports lost the greatest owner of the last 100 years. After suffering a massive heart attack early this morning George Steinbrenner died at the age of 80.

Being from Illinois and not being a Yankee fan I have no vested interest in “The Boss” as he was known for many years. But the thing that made Steinbrenner different is that no matter who you rooted for, you knew who he was. He was the owner that transcended sports. He was in commercials and TV shows. What other owner was a reoccuring character on the biggest sitcom in the past 50 years? George was the guy that spent his money like you and your friends say you would spend your money if you owned a sports team. That’s what made him different, that’s what made him great. He knew that he needed to spend money to make money. Did it always work? Well no. For all the A-Rod’s and Mark Teixeira’s there at the Chuck Knoblauch’s and Hideki Irabu’s. But for George that didn’t matter he wanted the best and wanted to make sure that no one else had a chance to snatch them up. Like him or not you can’t argue that one thing you will remember about George is that he won and he won a lot.

So today sports lost a legend. Remember not that year after year he kept your favorite team from winning but that he spent his money like you would, like a fan because his favorite team was the Yankees and he did whatever it took for them to win. Rest in peace Mr. Steinbrenner baseball will never be the same without you.

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Baseball is BACK!

April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Through the first 3 days of the 2010 Major League Baseball season some things have changed, and some things have stayed the same.

On the first day of the season the Yankees and Red Sox put on a show, and new Yankee Curtis Granderson hit a home run for his new team, but the Red Sox prevailed behind Kevin Youkilis and his great batting stance.

Day two brought us truck loads of home runs! Two from arguably the greatest right handed batter in history of baseball. (I am a Cubs fan, but if I were the GM of the Cubs today, I would offer our entire farm system, Lou Pinella, and Carlos Zambrano for Albert Pujols.) The Cardinals hit four home runs against the Reds which made new hitting coach, and former super-cheater, Mark McGwire very happy.

The Cubs, who were supposed to be much better once they got rid of Milton Bradley, got destroyed by the Braves on Opening Day behind the arm of Derrick Lowe and the giant bat of soon to be Rookie of the Year, Jason Heyward. The 20 year old rookie launched a home run on his first major league swing. This kid is a stud, and has the potential and the raw skills to match the numbers that Mr. Pujols put up his rookie year.

Roy Halladay made his Philadelphia Phillies debut and sparkled for 7 innings and dominated. Some people are saying that this Phillies team will roll their way through the season and make another appearance in the World Series.

THE PIRATES WON A GAME! That’s right the Pirates won their first game again the Dodgers. Much in thanks to the 28 year old rookie bat of Garrett Jones. He hit two home runs, one of which was a bomb into the Allegheny River. The second floated over Manny Ramirez’s head in left where he gave little to no effort to go after the ball. I believe his hair was weighing him down. He now looks less like Manny being Manny and more like The Predator.

The battle of short pitchers put Tim Lincecum against Roy Oswalt. The hippy supreme won this battle. He threw seven strong innings and had seven strikeouts. After the game his knit the covers of two baseballs together and gave it to a homeless person to wear as a hat, and by homeless person I meant himself.

The White Sox, Rockies, Rangers, Mets, Tigers, Angels, Mariners, and Diamondbacks all won. Hopefully as the season unfolds it will be one that goes down in history as one of the better seasons in baseball. If the first three days are any sign of what things may be ahead I am very excited to watch more baseball!