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Serena wins top female athelete..second place a horse…wait what??

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment


Yeah even I couldn’t and wouldn’t make this up for my amusement.. Serena Williams was voted the top female athlete of 2009 and the voting wasnt even close. I guess she was pretty dominate and it wasnt a sportsmanship award but shouldnt telling a line judge that you’re going to shove a ball down her freaking throat come in to play at least a little bit? Is that really the kind of example we want to be sending to kids? It’s almost like saying you can say/ do whatever you want as long as you win (cough Tiger cough) On a side note second place was awarded to Zenyatta (no it’s not a Brazilian soccer star like Pele or Kaka) a freaking horse!!!

What exactly is the criteria for this award? Where was Candace Parker in this even if she was out prego she still should get it over a horse! What about Ochoa?? Better than all three of them she is the LPGA’s Tiger (minus the mistresses and seductive voicemails) how does she not even finish in the top three??

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