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Thursday Night Jam Fest – “No Leaf Clover” by Metallica

December 17, 2009 1 comment

Well, if this doesn’t help you kick ass on your Thursday night/Friday work day heading into the final weekend before Christmas I’m not sure what will.  ‘No Leaf Clover’ is an awesome mix of metal and symphony and only Metallica could pull it off this well.

I’d argue to the death with anyone who says that Metallica isn’t the best hard rock band ever.

Enjoy the tune and happy weekend eve.

(PS: I couldn’t find the actual music video on YouTube, so this user created edit will have to do. It’s a rather creepy mix of The Dark Knight, Keanu Reeves and V for Vendetta. Not sure of the correlation, if any, between the flicks. There’s even a little Max Payne in there for you too. Oh well, it’s a decent edit and I just made some kid’s day by sharing his crap.)


Thursday Night Jam-Fest: ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Non-Point

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Does your Thursday night need a pick-me-up? We’re here to help. Every Thursday night we’ll drop a music video on you.  You know, just to help you get to Friday and on to the weekend.  We’ll switch up genres and generations along the way.

1980's Crockett would be embarassed for you Colin.

Our first installment is the always moving and emotional song ‘In the Air Tonight,’ originally performed by Phil Collins.  The Non-Point cover is freaking awesome. The only reason that the movie ‘Miami Vice’ did so well in 2006 was because of this song and Colin Farrell’s porn ‘stache.

Ready? Crank it. Enjoy the tune: