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This was far far too good not to post…. Take a ride on Farve’s Private Jet

What should Brett do? I honestly don’t know or care. However whoever decided to do this has a full standing applause from me.


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Can the Heat reach 70?

August 10, 2010 Leave a comment

In the 1995-1996 season the Chicago Bulls took the NBA by storm and won a record 72 games. Let me start by saying this is my favorite team of all time. This was the summer between my 7th and 8th grade year and I felt like I watched every game(my 3 year old sister could say all the names in the starting lineups)It was MJ’s first full year back, Rodman’s first year with the team, Scottie Pippen was at his best, Toni Kukoc was the best 6th man in the league, Steve Kerr was the best shooter, and Phil Jackson was the best coach. It was an NBA record for wins in a year.

Earlier in the week Jeff Van Gundy made the claim that he thinks this years version of the Miami Heat can match or beat this record. I have examined both teams schedules and I have my prediction on how the Heat will do. Lets go month by month…


The better gel early, they play Boston in Boston on opening night and Orlando 3 days later in their home opener. But they also play the Nets and the Sixers. Given that LeBron lost his last game in Cleveland in Boston and the Heat were bounced from the playoffs by the Celtics last year and the immense pressure of starting off well I say the Heat start 4-0. The Bulls won their first 5 games before losing on the road to a good Orlando Magic team playing without Shaq. The Bulls were also without Dennis Rodman. Penny Hardaway poured in 36 points while MJ had a bad game and the Bulls lost by 6. 5-1 through 6 games.


This is the most important month for the Heat. It is important they get off to a great start taking advantage of teams still getting used to each other. The Bulls started their season by going 12-2. The Heat play only 4 road games this month 2 tough and two very winnable. They also play NBA doormats Washington, New Jersey, Toronto, and Philadelphia this month. Possible loss chance Dallas and Orlando on the Road, and Boston, Phoenix and Utah at home. My prediction through 18 games on the for the Heat 15-3 (the Bulls through at same point 16-2).


Last month was most important but December will be the hardest early on  and second hardest next to March. They have 10 road games this month which include, LeBron’s first game back in Cleveland, Phoenix, Houston, Sacramento, Golden State, Milwaukee, New York, Washington, Utah, and at the Lakers on Christmas Day. They also have to play Atlanta at home as well as Dallas again. If they can make it through this stretch the record could start looking real. The Bulls on the other hand won 13 in a row to start December before losing to the Pacers. Through 28 games the Bulls were a cool 25-3 my prediction for the Heat 23-5.


This month is highlighted by a 5 game road trip ending with their first trip to Chicago. They also play OKC for the first time at the end of the month which should be a great game. They have to play Milwaukee back to back games and also get the Clippers, Detroit, Toronto, and Cleveland again. The tough games are Golden State again as well as Portland on the road. January is when the Bulls hit 5th gear winning 18 in a row going 31-1 in 32 games.(This team was so good!) So if you are counting at home through 42 games the Bulls were 39-3. The Heat will be 37-5.


More road games for the Heat in February than home games. 7 of the 12 games they play. This is the month where the Heat will be able to get some rest for the home stretch. Tough games at Orlando, Boston, and Chicago are offset by home games against Indiana, The Clippers, Washington, and the Knicks. Plus winnable road games at Detroit, Indiana, Charlotte, and Toronto. Tough month to judge with the All-star break in the middle. February of 1996 was the only month when the Bulls lost back to back regular season games and it actually doubled their losses to 6. Through 56 games the Bulls were 50-6, I think this is when the Heat can keep pace or they will lose it completely my prediction 48-8.


Heading into March the Heat will hover close to the 10 loss mark which will motivate them just a little more. I think this is a big month for Mr. Wade. Playing only 5 road games this month that being said MARCH IS A BEAR! The start of the month goes like this in order Orlando, San Antonio, Chicago, Portland, The Lakers, Memphis, Spurs again, and finally OKC. 8 games in 14 days against tough Western conference teams and Chicago and Atlanta! That being said Wade turns it up a gear and I think LeBron goes on a triple double streak of 6 games. After March Heat record through 75 games 66-9 which was exactly the same as the Bulls.


Here is where it gets really interesting. The Heat gunning for history taking every teams best shot have 7 games for history. Do they go for it or rest for the playoffs? I say they go after it! Lets go back in time first, the Bulls finished 6-1 in their final 7 games. Which moved their record to 72-10. All the games were against relatively easy teams. The Heats final seven games look like this Minnesota and New Jersey on the Road, Milwaukee, Charlotte, and Boston at home, and finally Atlanta and Toronto on the road. My prediction they are 69-12 heading into the Toronto game. Toronto will be playing for lottery ping pong balls but will give the Heat one of their toughest games of the year. I think the Heat will win and reach 70 games. Final record 70-12. The Bulls record is safe but the Heat become only second team ever to reach 70.


February 20, 2010 1 comment

Obviously, waiting four years between watching a curling match is torture.  How these athletes are able to keep their games sharp during a four year layoff between competitions is quite amazing.

Wait, what’s that? They play year round in other competitions? Really? No way…

I refuse to believe this, because if this were true then curling would be shown in a NFL on FOX like package with global options available on DIRECTV.

Curling might be the most exciting sport to watch during the Olympics. Forget about lame sports like skeleton, snowboard cross, and freestyle skiing. Give me curling on a 24/7 force fed diet, please.

Name another sport that is able to combine chess, checkers, hockey, shuffleboard, drunk fans, and Napoleon-like battlefield strategy quite like curling?  That’s right…you can’t.

While the teams representing the United States have chosen to use the 2010 Winter Olympics to find new and exciting ways to choke away game winners, the rest of the action has been awesome.

What might make the curling competition in the Winter Olympics even better is that it is primarily broadcast on CNBC.  This is no coincidence, as the curling aficionado must be highly educated, financially stable and as smart as D.J. Tanner from Full House.

Outside of Shaun White’s domination of the half pipe I would venture to guess that roughly 95% of my conversations about the 2010 Winter Olympics involves curling and why curling isn’t played in my hometown. I would have given up college basketball in a heartbeat to hit the ice, and curl the rock toward the button after pushing off of the hack.

Look out hockey, because curling is officially the new #1 sport on ice! (Figure skating doesn’t count. See: Johnny Weir-d.)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Kirk Wessler.

February 12, 2010 7 comments

Our readers in the central Illinois area already know how passionate Peoria and Bloomington/Normal fans can be about the Bradley vs. Illinois State men’s basketball rivalry. (Formerly known as the War on 74, but now everything has to be so damn P.C., so it’s now the I-74 Rivalry.)  Those of you outside of central Illinois can just picture it as mid-major basketball’s version of Red Sox/Yankees in the state of Illinois.

On Tuesday night, ISU prevailed over the Braves in a 1-point game in Peoria.  Sure, Bradley got dominated on the glass and gave up a double digit halftime lead, but a certain Peoria area sports writer chose to focus on something else, most likely because his basketball knowledge is limited to pick-up games at the Y and watching 1980’s NBA Playoff re-runs on ESPN Classic.  He chose to focus an entire article on Bradley’s use of black jerseys and how they were somehow detrimental to the team’s success on Tuesday night. (Those wanting to read said article can do so here.)

Mr. Wessler said that the alternate jerseys worn by the Braves (For the first time in school history, FYI.) were nothing more than a gimmick and that black uniforms shouldn’t be worn because black is not one of the school’s official colors, nor is it mentioned in the ever binding official school jingle. 

Kirkimus then went all scientific on his readers when he dropped this bombshell: “Black isn’t even a color. Black is the absence of color. You know, like the absence of victory.” (Nobody drops middle school level art class knowledge quite like Wessler…)

FUN FACT!: Something else that isn’t an official or natural color is Captain Kirk’s spray on tan and uber-white chiclets in his Peoria Journal Star staff picture. (See below for laughs…was this pic supposed to be submitted to MTV for the Jersey Shore 2 casting calls?)

Nice necklace bro!

It’s also laughable for Kirk to think that Coach Les and his staff spent hours upon hours planning Tuesday night’s ‘Black-Out’ and chose not to focus on the game itself. I would guarantee that all Les had to do was say ‘yes’ when the idea was brought to his attention last fall, forgot about it until he saw a commercial for said event on Monday night, and then forgot about it again until he saw the black jerseys hanging in the lockers on Tuesday morning. 

He didn’t have to do jack shit to pull off the event.  Pull your head out of your ass, Kirk.  What is this, junior high basketball? BU actually has employees who take care of promotional events for the head coach. Odd, I know.

I would love for Kirk to spend a week with the players and coaches and then argue that there isn’t enough concentration on winning. These guys live and breathe basketball.  All they do is think about schemes, strategies and game plans 24/7. (If you need me to slow down and explain what a scheme or game plan is just let me know Kirk. I am well aware that your idea of  ‘digging into the numbers’ involves looking at the MVC standings on a bi-weekly basis.) 

Here’s a thought. Quit thinking of ways to look good and concentrate on being good.

That would be the equivalent of me claiming that you spend no time on writing good, in-depth, analytical sports pieces and only concentrate on tanning appointments and teeth whitening sessions just because your stories printed in the Journal Star are absolute crap.

Oh wait, that probably is true. I guess I’d be more concerned with writing sensational, half-truth stories in order to increase subscriptions in a medium that is slowly bleeding to death too if I were in your shoes.

If you feel so inclined to dish it out to those involved in the Bradley Basketball family, I’m sure you won’t mind receiving some criticism of your own. After all, I’m just trying to make you better buddy…we all love a winner.

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A moment of silence for the Big Hurt..

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve been what I like to call semi-retired from the blog lately. Still throwing out ideas to SM for articles and have even started and not finished a few also. But today brought inevitable news that has brought me out of retirement. That news was the retirement of Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas. As a kid I loved the big hurt he is definitely on my list of top 5 all time favorite non Cardinals players ever.

It all started many years ago with a pack of baseball cards and a home run race.  Before PED’s and the Big Mac vs Corking Sammy Sosa, before Barry Bonds inflated head and inflated ego. There was Griffey vs Thomas, “The Kid” vs “The Big Hurt” and I truly loved it. It captivated me for an entire summer. It also helped that one day during this race for a HR crown that I opened a pack of upper decks and found one of those crazy “Rare Refractor Gold Eddition Super Mega Awesome Way Overvalued” baseball cards.  The Big Hurt was close though also just a few hours north of my home town in Chicago and luckily he didn’t play for the sCrUBS so it was ok for me to root for him.

But in an era that we now all know was ever so tainted the two before mentioned athletes are few of the stars we can look at with pretty great certainty and know that they did it the right way. The same way that Willie, Joe, Mickey, and The Babe did. Those are crazy names to bring up but when you look at the numbers there really not.

All time Home Runs Thomas ends his career in 18th tied with TED WILLIAMS and WILLIE MCCOVEY! Not too bad of company. End up with 1,704 Runs a .301 BA and 2,468 hits. His is one of only six players to ever win back to back AL MVP’s a couple of the other names on that short list are some guys named Marris, Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Jimmie Fox again in pretty good company. Maybe the most exclusive club Thomas is in is the 300 batting average, 500 home runs, 1,500 RBI, 1,000 runs and 1,500 walks in a career only 4 players ever have achieved that honor along with Mel Ott, Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams.

Thomas was a 5 time all-star, a world series champ, a 4 time silver slugger, 2 time MVP and the 2000 AL Comeback player of the year.

Thomas was always very outspoken against the use of PED’s and always chose to hit his homers fueled by steaks and cheeseburgers instead of Andro and Cream n Clear.

Thomas may not be a first ballot guy. If you look at the numbers though and look at the company with him in those numbers it should be a no brainer first ballot. If The Babe, Mickey, or Ted Williams came up for enshrinement today it would be no question the same should be said for The Hurt.

So a tip of the batting helmet to Thomas from me and one last curtain call for the big fella…

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Who is Darrelle Reavis?

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

If you have watched the NFL playoffs or listened to any sports radio in the last month you have heard the name Darrelle Reavis or as he is more widely known simply, Reavis. But what do we really know about Reavis. We know that Mike Greenberg of Mike and Mike in the Morning is a huge fan. We know he plays for the Jets and we know you don’t throw a football in his general vicinity.

Here are somethings that maybe you didn’t know. He went to the University of Pittsburgh before he was drafted 14th in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft. He left school after his junior year.

In high school he was a two sport stud also playing basketball. He averaged 25 points per game as a senior. In football his team won the Pennsylvania State title in a game he scored 5 touchdowns. 3 rushing, 1 kickoff return and 1 on a blocked field goal. He also caught a pass, threw a pass, and had an interception. Rumor has it he even drove the bus to the game.

In the NFL he is a two time pro-bowler and has been wreaking havoc on the NFL for 3 years. In weeks 1 and 2 of the 2009 season he held Andre Johnson and Randy Moss to a combined 8 catches. In fact only three receivers that he was matched up with gained more than 40 yards and the most catches anyone got was 5.(Randy Moss only for 34 yards) He is so good that people don’t use his full name they just say Reavis. He is so good you don’t throw near him because there is a better chance that he will knock the ball down than your guy will catch it. He is just that good.

However you put it this guy is an absolute stud. He will affect the AFC championship one way or another come Sunday. I would love to see him matched up against either of the NFC teams.

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Join Superman and I’s Debate…

January 9, 2010 1 comment

After Shane Graham missed his second FG against the Jets it sparked a nice little text convo between Superman and myself.  We pondered what the most difficult sports task to complete under pressure would be. Keep in mind that we are Americans, so we did not discuss anything concerning hockey or futbol shoot-outs.  The four choices are based on our original conversation, but feel free to write in something else if you see fit.

What’s your take America?

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