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The New and Improved X Games

July 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Flipping channels today in between Rocky III(Great awkward training montage) and a major league baseball game(it lasted 5 hours I was bound to watch a little of it) I stumbled upon the X Games. I learned a few things, but most importantly that this is the 16th year of X Games! I learned that it last 5 days from July 28th through August 1st and that there are 4 main events: skateboard, BMX, Moto X, and Rally Car.

Now if you are like me you are shocked that the X games are still around.(If you are from Pekin though you are shocked someone from Pekin hasn’t won X Games gold) But like I did with the Winter Olympics this winter I feel as though the X Games(which stands for Extreme Sports games) needs to step up their game. Sure leave the normal big air, skateboarding, and BMX tricks, but we have to make them a little more extreme! So I have a few sports that I think that the X Games needs to give a shot.

Unicycle Big Air

Could this guy make it down a ramp?

Pretty simple right. BMX big air is great. It’s a guy on a bike trying to jump as high as he can. I say you amp up the degree of difficulty put these guys on a unicycle and see how high they can get. I would be impressed if they can make it down one side of the ramp.

Skateboard Street on real Public street

Anything is in play to do a trick on!

We all love reality tv and what is more real than a punk skater kid dodging business men and bag ladies trying to pull of a kickflip ollie to fakey while then getting chased by an actual police officer. I know I would watch and I would love to do the commentary on it.

Rally Van Racing

No rally cars in this event only Vans! The bigger the better! No mini vans or  Volkswagen vans we need a length requirement! To create a buzz you have Mr. T drive the original A-Team van and Rampage Jackson drive the new A-team van! Also make it a requirement to have an entire team inside the van.

Crotch Rocket Vs. Harley Davidson Moto X

No dinky dirt bikes in this competition, only crotch rockets or Harleys. Here are the rules if you ride a crotch rocket you have to look like a douche, ala any member of the Jersey Shore(you know who you are) or you have to be rocking straight leather, massive amounts of body and facial hair, and of course any southern rock band t-shirt. This would be a clash of worlds who hate each other it would be carnage on a dirt track.

Now I enjoy the occasional skateboarding run or big air event but I think it’s time to get more extreme. Here you go X Games I laid it out there for you.