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Dear Brett,
I just got the news…great to have you back. When I got drafted I told my mom maybe someday I will be a backup for a Hall of Famer, and thanks to you it happened!  Sure you had to come out if retirement but I mean I don’t blame you! Who wants to make a living as a NFL quarterback when its so much easier to carry your clipboard. You know I tried the whole ” I don’t want to go to training camp so I might not play what are you going to do about” routine once, you know what the Vikings did…sent the backup equipment manager to gather my things! But I am glad your back Brett. This means I can stop working so hard at training camp. I know you have been sitting back throwing to high school kids, while all your teammates have been going through 2 a days but its your spot I will just get my clipboard. Just one more thing Brett when you throw a costly interception at the end of our last game this year and we head to the off season when you decide to do this for the fourth year in a row, you think you could give me a heads up? Sage has been asking about you everyday it breaks his heart when you’re not here, just for his sake I won’t tell I promise I know how you love keeping everybody on their toes! Ok well see you at practice…oh wait you won’t be there by the time the second team takes the field…ok well maybe at our 3rd pre-season game we can catch up.
Sincerely yours,
Tavaris Jackson
P.s. hope the ankle holds up!

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It took time to appreciate Scottie

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Always in MJ's shadow right where he liked it.

Growing up in central Illinois in the 1990’s if you weren’t a Chicago Bulls fan you were pretty rare. There were usually two schools of thought on who your favorite player was, obviously most went with Michael Jordan and everyone else rooted for Scottie Pippen. I fell into the first camp. I loved MJ he was the man. I knew Scottie was good but he was just Robin to Michael’s Batman. He was my little brother’s favorite.

Years later Scottie Pippen has made it to the Basketball Hall of Fame. It wasn’t till a few years ago, after watching and re-watching countless games on dvd, ESPN Classic, and NBA TV that I truly began to appreciate Scottie Pippen as a basketball player.

He was truly ahead of his time. I myself have been guilty of being in awe of how much of a freak that LeBron James is but give me Scottie’s smothering defense and I like my chances. He was a 6’7 point forward that could literally guard all 5 positions. MJ could take chances on defense to get his highlight dunks because he knew Scottie had his back. Playing against the Bulls defense with all its length and Scottie as its anchor was like trying to throw a hardball through a tree try as you might you weren’t making more than a dent.

Scottie got steals, blocks, and for my money is the greatest player I have ever watched at taking charges. He would throw his body in front of anyone to get a stop. I can remember a playoff game in the late 90’s where he took 4 charges! That’s in one game! Find me a time a superstar took 4 charges in a playoff series let alone a game!

Offensively Scottie was ever improving. Originally a slasher and occasional spot up shooter. He turned himself into a reliable go to guy and good 3 point shooter. I can remember before Tim Duncan shot 18 foot bank shots Scottie used it as a lethal weapon. He also became the NBA’s first point forward.

Scottie deserves his place in the hall and I am happy he got in. He will always be one of my favorite players to watch and  now I truly appreciate all the things that he did on the basketball court.

Brandon Phillips is a Little Bitch…

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Many of you may not know Brandon Phillips, and that’s okay. (He’s the 2B for the Cincinnati Reds) On Monday he felt the need to air his feelings about the Reds upcoming opponents, the St. Louis Cardinals.

From “I hate the Cardinals. All they do is bitch and moan about everything, all of them, they’re little bitches, all of ’em.”

The same day Phillips decided to do some more talking with his bat by going 0 for 5 against the Redbirds in a 7-3 loss. Well, guess who wasn’t done being a punk bitch himself? That’s right, Phillips felt like being a dick once again…

At the start of Tuesday’s game, Phillips felt the need to say hello to Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina with a tap on the shin guard with his bat. Molina proceeded to kick away the obvious slap in the face from the player who recently called him a “little bitch.” Phillips then got into the face of Molina and a good old fashioned basebrawl ensued. The Cardinals then took game 2 of the series, sparked by an early Molina HR, with a 8-4 win.

So, you’re probably asking yourself, “what’s the point KJ?” Here we go…

Phillips just blew his load in the first real week he’s ever been in a playoff race. In fact, Phillips has never even played in an MLB playoff game. Why he would call out a successful organization like the Cardinals for no apparent reason is beyond me.

While the Cardinals were busy winning 3 NL Central crowns and a World Series, Phillips was the anchor of a Reds franchise that strung together consecutive 5th place finishes with his .261 batting average and 100+ strikeout seasons.

Did I mention that Phillips isn’t afraid to back up his words with his bat? Since he’s called out the entire Cardinals organization he’s been on a tear. He’s hitting .100 with 1 meaningless RBI in two blowout losses against St. Louis.

Let me cut the sarcasm now, Phillips is the bitch. He opened his mouth during the most important home series in recent Reds history, and the most highly anticipated series at the newly opened Great American Ballpark. The Reds are now on the verge of getting swept at home in this pivotal series, with many thanks to Phillips for lighting the proverbial match under the collective asses of the Cardinals.

He openly showed how ignorant he is by ripping current teammates and former Cardinals, Scott Rolen and Jim Edmonds and his current boss and former Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty with his childish blabbering.

I’ve seen plenty of Reds games and Brandon Phillips doesn’t exactly represent the history and tradition of baseball on the field. He just needs to shut up, play the game, and enjoy his time in the sun. It won’t be too much longer until the Reds are irrelevant again at this pace…

Can the Heat reach 70?

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In the 1995-1996 season the Chicago Bulls took the NBA by storm and won a record 72 games. Let me start by saying this is my favorite team of all time. This was the summer between my 7th and 8th grade year and I felt like I watched every game(my 3 year old sister could say all the names in the starting lineups)It was MJ’s first full year back, Rodman’s first year with the team, Scottie Pippen was at his best, Toni Kukoc was the best 6th man in the league, Steve Kerr was the best shooter, and Phil Jackson was the best coach. It was an NBA record for wins in a year.

Earlier in the week Jeff Van Gundy made the claim that he thinks this years version of the Miami Heat can match or beat this record. I have examined both teams schedules and I have my prediction on how the Heat will do. Lets go month by month…


The better gel early, they play Boston in Boston on opening night and Orlando 3 days later in their home opener. But they also play the Nets and the Sixers. Given that LeBron lost his last game in Cleveland in Boston and the Heat were bounced from the playoffs by the Celtics last year and the immense pressure of starting off well I say the Heat start 4-0. The Bulls won their first 5 games before losing on the road to a good Orlando Magic team playing without Shaq. The Bulls were also without Dennis Rodman. Penny Hardaway poured in 36 points while MJ had a bad game and the Bulls lost by 6. 5-1 through 6 games.


This is the most important month for the Heat. It is important they get off to a great start taking advantage of teams still getting used to each other. The Bulls started their season by going 12-2. The Heat play only 4 road games this month 2 tough and two very winnable. They also play NBA doormats Washington, New Jersey, Toronto, and Philadelphia this month. Possible loss chance Dallas and Orlando on the Road, and Boston, Phoenix and Utah at home. My prediction through 18 games on the for the Heat 15-3 (the Bulls through at same point 16-2).


Last month was most important but December will be the hardest early on  and second hardest next to March. They have 10 road games this month which include, LeBron’s first game back in Cleveland, Phoenix, Houston, Sacramento, Golden State, Milwaukee, New York, Washington, Utah, and at the Lakers on Christmas Day. They also have to play Atlanta at home as well as Dallas again. If they can make it through this stretch the record could start looking real. The Bulls on the other hand won 13 in a row to start December before losing to the Pacers. Through 28 games the Bulls were a cool 25-3 my prediction for the Heat 23-5.


This month is highlighted by a 5 game road trip ending with their first trip to Chicago. They also play OKC for the first time at the end of the month which should be a great game. They have to play Milwaukee back to back games and also get the Clippers, Detroit, Toronto, and Cleveland again. The tough games are Golden State again as well as Portland on the road. January is when the Bulls hit 5th gear winning 18 in a row going 31-1 in 32 games.(This team was so good!) So if you are counting at home through 42 games the Bulls were 39-3. The Heat will be 37-5.


More road games for the Heat in February than home games. 7 of the 12 games they play. This is the month where the Heat will be able to get some rest for the home stretch. Tough games at Orlando, Boston, and Chicago are offset by home games against Indiana, The Clippers, Washington, and the Knicks. Plus winnable road games at Detroit, Indiana, Charlotte, and Toronto. Tough month to judge with the All-star break in the middle. February of 1996 was the only month when the Bulls lost back to back regular season games and it actually doubled their losses to 6. Through 56 games the Bulls were 50-6, I think this is when the Heat can keep pace or they will lose it completely my prediction 48-8.


Heading into March the Heat will hover close to the 10 loss mark which will motivate them just a little more. I think this is a big month for Mr. Wade. Playing only 5 road games this month that being said MARCH IS A BEAR! The start of the month goes like this in order Orlando, San Antonio, Chicago, Portland, The Lakers, Memphis, Spurs again, and finally OKC. 8 games in 14 days against tough Western conference teams and Chicago and Atlanta! That being said Wade turns it up a gear and I think LeBron goes on a triple double streak of 6 games. After March Heat record through 75 games 66-9 which was exactly the same as the Bulls.


Here is where it gets really interesting. The Heat gunning for history taking every teams best shot have 7 games for history. Do they go for it or rest for the playoffs? I say they go after it! Lets go back in time first, the Bulls finished 6-1 in their final 7 games. Which moved their record to 72-10. All the games were against relatively easy teams. The Heats final seven games look like this Minnesota and New Jersey on the Road, Milwaukee, Charlotte, and Boston at home, and finally Atlanta and Toronto on the road. My prediction they are 69-12 heading into the Toronto game. Toronto will be playing for lottery ping pong balls but will give the Heat one of their toughest games of the year. I think the Heat will win and reach 70 games. Final record 70-12. The Bulls record is safe but the Heat become only second team ever to reach 70.

Evil Tiger…

While I am by no means disagreeing with Superman on the fact that Tiger is still better at golf than most of us are at anything that we do. There is a counter idea I must propose.

The other day KJ and I were discussing over lunch how Tiger was struggling at Bridgestone and just not being to put it best Tiger. The amount of money of the settlement came up along with the sponsors lost and so on and so on and I brought up the point of what does Tiger have left to lose? For the most part the sponsors that have stuck by him are going to stay. Nike isn’t going anywhere, there’s a million other watch companies out there, and while it may still be a little early for Gatorade to be putting up “Tiger is it in you?” banners I don’t think they are going to be going anywhere anytime soon either.

So the major sponsors are left, his life is in shambles, his golf game is at the time struggling what is there left to lose?

Enter “Evil Tiger”…

Maybe the strippers’ and escorts, and Perkins waitresses, and booze and parties and everything else was what allowed Tiger to be Tiger. The Tiger we knew and loved. Personally I could are less on his person life. I always enjoyed Tiger for the dominance on the course and not because of his home life or appearance there of. I never cared about Jordan’s gambling or Strawberry’s coke habit I just cared that when came time to bring it they did and were there and better than the rest.

So my plan for Tiger you ask? Go nuts. Make John Daily look like an alter boy. Hell team up with the big man and start a Holes and Ho’s pro-am. Tiger should date models and porn stars and Perkins, Denny’s, and IHOP waitresses he should bring them to the tournaments on his giant yacht, drive Lambo’s and Ferrari’s, move to Vegas and live in the penthouse of the Palms.

Get new sponsors like Grey Goose, Red Bull, Trojan, and trade Buick for Bentley.

Tiger could get away with all of this and probably even gain some more male fans too as long as he does one key thing with all of I want to see the old Tiger the guy who would win by 12 strokes and smirk in the post round interviews. I want that swagger and dominance back and if the above is what it takes to get it I’m ok with giving him a pass. He’s a golfer not a president and we should be worried about what he does on the course and not in the sheets.

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The Tiger Slump?

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Think of the greatest athletes you can? Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Barry Bonds(pre or post steroids the man is a still a stud) Now try to remember anytime where they struggled in their prime? Sure Mike had the years we forget in Washington and Wayne lost some speed late in his career but never a complete drop off. Could we be witnessing that from Tiger?

After his domestic problems we expected Tiger to come back and dominate just as he always had. He would take a while to get back in the swing of things sure but eventually he would regain his cut throat style that made him so successful. What is happening this weekend is exactly the opposite! It’s like watching Greg Maddux not be able to locate a fastball or MJ missing his patented fade away, Tiger Woods is at +11 and in 78th place out of 80! He shot a 75 today dangerously close to the unthinkable 80 mark.

Could we be witnessing something that we have never witnessed in our lifetime? The absolute best player in a sport falling off so sharply that he is forced to retire. No player on the Tour fears him anymore and who knows if Tiger even thinks he can win anymore?

Regardless if this is a minor set back before he returns to form or the beginning of the end of one of the greatest careers ever please pay attention. Either way you will be viewing something that you are not likely to see again. Normally decline is gradual not a sharp downward spike, right now we are at the top of that spike waiting to be slammed down or held up like one of Tiger’s check swings.

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NFL Questions!

August 6, 2010 2 comments

The NFL season is rapidly approaching and it got me thinking about some questions I have about the upcoming year.

1. How long before T.O. and Ochocinco get into some type of twitter war?

You know it is only a matter of time before these two duke it out via twitter or some form of social media. Chances are it will be about a reality show or a celebration or why one is better than the other. Inevitably the two largest egos in the game will collide I just hope VH1’s cameras are their to catch the action.

2. How long before the Eagles have to depend on Mike Vick at quaterback?

This is maybe the scariest of any scenario for the NFL. Kevin Kolb struggles for the first few games and Mr. Dog Fighter himself is thrust back into the starting spot. With his recent off season stumble is America ready to accept him as more than just a gimmick in Philly’s offense?

3. How long before, Cedric Benson or any Cincinnati Bengal gets arrested?

Roger Goodel might as well have a fall/winter home in Ohio. In recent most of his discipline has been handed down to the Bengals. I wonder if for a change it will be Carson Palmer paintballing his neighbors mailbox while intoxicated and getting arrested.

4. When will Albert Haynesworth get fed up with Mike Shanahan?

Two things can happen here-A. Haynesworth goes on the Prince Fielder vegan diet and turns into a lean mean fighting machine. Basically destroying any offensive lineman in his path or B. He completely self destructs and becomes a modern day Fat Albert and stands on the sideline eating Twinkies and loaded french fries during every Redskins game.

5. When will Ben Roethlisberger do something stupid to get himself thrown out of the league?

You know when you are a little kid and you touch something that is hot? You learn not to touch it again, right? Well Big Ben has yet to learn this lesson. First the motorcycle incident then his little back alley night club dealings when is this guy going to learn. He is a heck of a quaterback but he is a moron if he thinks that Roger Goodel is going to continue to put up with his shennigans.

6. How long before Tim Tebow is the starting quaterback for the Denver Broncos?

Not that I don’t love Kyle Orton and his neck beard or Brady Quinn and his biceps but it’s TIM FREAKING TEBOW! I give it 4 weeks tops before the Captain of Team Jesus is strutting out as a starter. When has a 3rd string quaterback gotten more attention than what Tebow gets? I certainly can’t remember. I can’t wait for the Mile High Messiah to take the rains!