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That Wrangler guy

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Well it’s been a few months since the last time we have posted anything but what topic would be better than, you guessed it, Brett Favre! After yet another off season of the will he won’t he game Brett showed up to training camp late. The difference is that this year his receiving corps has been decimated by injury. Percy Harvin has had chronic migraines and a bad hip and Sidney Rice will miss who knows how much more time recovering from hip surgery. Now if that was Brett’s only problem I would not be writing this! Last week a report was published that while Brett, a married man, played for the Jets he sent inappropriate pictures to a Jets sideline reporter. Let’s just say they were of little Brett. Really Brett sending pictures of your dong to try to convince a girl to date you, and your married! Now of course all of this is alleged but if you listen to the desperate voicemail he also left it’s pretty pathetic and I believe it is the old gunslingers voice.
So where does this leave Favre? We he is the starting quarterback of a 1-3 Vikings team and he has a bum ankle and elbow and a pending NFL investigation looming over his head. Can you imagine the guys conducting the investigation?
NFL security: Brett we are going to need you to take your wranglers off.
Brett: Uh guys these pants are Uh real…comfortable…
NFL security: Yea we know Brett we have seen the commercial, we need to compare you to the photo.
Brett: Uh you know you don’t have to do that. I mean I I am not making excuses but my arm hurts.
NFL security: Brett we aren’t the media we know your old. Now let us do our job! And if we can’t convince you we have Ryan Longwell, Jared Allen, and Steve Hutchinson in the hall waiting to help.
Brett: Well only because its for the team.
Or something along those lines anyway. This week they play Dallas and I have a feeling it will be the beginning of the end for our friend Brett! That is until next fall!

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August 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Dear Brett,
I just got the news…great to have you back. When I got drafted I told my mom maybe someday I will be a backup for a Hall of Famer, and thanks to you it happened!  Sure you had to come out if retirement but I mean I don’t blame you! Who wants to make a living as a NFL quarterback when its so much easier to carry your clipboard. You know I tried the whole ” I don’t want to go to training camp so I might not play what are you going to do about” routine once, you know what the Vikings did…sent the backup equipment manager to gather my things! But I am glad your back Brett. This means I can stop working so hard at training camp. I know you have been sitting back throwing to high school kids, while all your teammates have been going through 2 a days but its your spot I will just get my clipboard. Just one more thing Brett when you throw a costly interception at the end of our last game this year and we head to the off season when you decide to do this for the fourth year in a row, you think you could give me a heads up? Sage has been asking about you everyday it breaks his heart when you’re not here, just for his sake I won’t tell I promise I know how you love keeping everybody on their toes! Ok well see you at practice…oh wait you won’t be there by the time the second team takes the field…ok well maybe at our 3rd pre-season game we can catch up.
Sincerely yours,
Tavaris Jackson
P.s. hope the ankle holds up!

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Oh Brett!

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment

For three years August has become Brett Favre month. Now this summer we were treated with a media frenzy like no other with LeBron’s The Decision. (Still getting over how ridiculous it was) So we haven’t had to deal with as much Brett talk but it has been becoming fast and furious the past few days.

Let’s take a look at this…

Late Monday Night-News broke that Brett may be retiring.

Tuesday morning-Sources started to confirm that Brett Favre was indeed retiring. Sidenote here, it is no secret that I hate number 4 and the moment I heard the news I sent a text to my friends declaring my joy.

Tuesday afternoon-After reports all morning that teammates received text messages from Brett saying he was retiring, Coach Brad Childress announced he had not heard from Brett and that no retirement was confirmed. Teammates came out and said they would not be surprised either way but that they wanted him to return. Another sidenote my short-lived joy turned into agony realizing that we are dealing with Brett Favre and he is never retired until the paper work is filed and even then it’s not guaranteed.

Wednesday morning- Reports surface that Minnesota is scared that Brett actually may retire so they decide to make a bigger offer on his salary increasing his 13 million dollar contract up to 16 million plus incentives. More reports start to roll out that Brett never text teammates and that he is in no way retired. Brett then spoke to ESPN’s Ed Werder and told him he was waiting to see how his surgically repaired ankle felt before he made a decision about playing this year. He claimed it was not about the money and that it is all about his health. Third sidenote… I hate Brett Favre.

So what have we learned in the past 2 and a half days? Well that regardless of if you love him or hate him Brett Favre makes people talk. (My fellow SOGJ writer KJ’s Facebook page has been blowing up all day), Brett Favre may or may not be retiring, and I hate Brett Favre. What I would like to know is this, if Brett didn’t send text messages, and Bus Cook, Brett’s agent, didn’t create this retirement talk, then who is behind this all? Is ESPN fabricating all this talk to create news? Is Minnesota trying to force Brett’s hand so they can quit dealing with the hoopla? Or is Brett and his team trying to manipulate the system to increase his salary over the next year?

This summer my friends have told me that LeBron and his media frenzy have completely trumped any type of media attention that Mr. Favre has ever gotten. I have to completely disagree LeBron hijacked the NBA for 3 or 4 months and Favre is going on his 3rd year of hijacking the NFL offseason. Just for the record I believe Brett is coming back. Unfortunately I have to deal with my hatred of the good old boy for one more year. I hate you Brett Favre!

Summer of 2010

July 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Who would have thought?

For three years this summer has had a bullseye on it. We have waited and waited for something spectacular and regardless of how you feel about the newly created Miami Heat this summer has been spectacular. But they have only been part of the story that is the summer of 2010 there has been so much more.

The NBA Finals

It started in June where in a rematch of the 2008 finals the Lakers and Celtics collided in a classic 7 game series. Game 7 was an ugly, physical perfect game 7 that went down to the final minutes. Kobe had a horrendous 4th quarter which was very unlike the best closer in the game and it was (mentally disturbed) Ron Artest who hit the biggest shot of the finals down the stretch.

The World Cup

Once again fake football took America by storm. Once again many Americans began caring about Futbol! We finally had something to root for as our Americans got out of their group (apparently a big deal) and then were a poorly played game away from making the semi-finals. Its been a few weeks and like expected we have moved on from the soccer kick(bad pun I know) and we are ready for the real football to begin.


Rookie phenom Stephen Strasburg made his Major League debut and blew away the Pittsburgh Pirates.(Most of these guys should be playing church league softball to be fair) He has made 9 starts and is 5-2. If he played for someone other than the Nationals he would probably have a better record. What I am most impressed by is his Matt Clementesque goatee that just seems to keep getting larger and larger.

Brett Favre

This was one of the many times he has retired.

Once again we have out favorite season Favre(Please insert heavy sarcasm). It comes right between summer and fall. This is the time of year we find out whether or not Mr. Favre feels his body is healthy enough to come back and play. It includes will he won’t he talk, Brad Childress visiting Mississippi(Happened earlier this week), Brett throwing laser beams to high school kids, and of course our favorite reporter Rachel Nichols setting up a tent on Brett Favre’s front lawn. She must get a Christmas card from the Favre family.

The NBA Free Agent Fiasco

In what was supposed to be a free for all it truly lived up to the hype. Whether it was the meetings, the rumors, the “Decision”, or just the fun NBA free agency lived up to the hype. We now have a legitimate possible super power in the East since LeBron, Wade, and Bosh joined forces. Chicago, New York, and Golden State all got better. This NBA season will hopefully be one of the best in a long time. Every time the Heat play they will get every teams best. They have become the NBA’s version of the Yankees.

This summer has been one to remember and I can’t for the fall. College sports, NBA and NFL we are truly living in a golden era of sport.

July = Favre Watch

July 13, 2010 Leave a comment

(Editors Note: We here at SOGJ have had a hectic summer. Hell, one of us even tied the knot last month. We promise that we really are going to start posting on a regular basis again both on the blog and on our Twitter account @ScreamsofGus now that everything has settled down. To better accomplish this you’re going to see some new writers appearing on the site to help us out. This article was written by C-Burn, another smart Vikings fan and journalism major like myself. Enjoy. – KJ)

Favre led the Vikings to a 12-4 record and the NFC North title in 2009.

With training camp only weeks away, people are once again asking the question “What will Favre do?”

Growing up in Peoria, Illinois, I was surrounded my whole life by Chicago sports fans. Sure, some loved the Cubs, others (like a certain Bradley head basketball coach) were die-hard Sox fans. But everyone agreed on one thing…they all loved Da Bears. Well, I was an exception to this, and I know another intelligent writer on this blog (K.J.) is as well. I grew up a Minnesota Vikings fan. Heck, there’s a home video of me telling my mom that I was wearing my Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt at age one! So, naturally, I was just as happy as any Vikes fan when Brett Favre helped carry my team much farther than anyone anticipated last year. Everyone gave him such a hard time for coming back, but if he can still play, why not? Living in Minnesota this summer, I have realized that just about everyone else in this great state agrees. While some have other opinions, everyone just wants to see the purple and gold win, and if Favre’s the man to make it happen, then let’s go.

The only problem I have with the whole Favre situation is simple….outside of the season, he isn’t much of a team player, and that is beginning to rub off on other members of the Vikings squad. I’m sure some of you heard that he was not at mini-camp in June, which was to be expected, but did you hear Adrian Peterson wasn’t there either? It seemed as though Adrian thought “if Brett doesn’t have to be here, why do I? I’m just as much of a superstar on this team as he is, so see ya mini-camp.” Not ok. Sure, Favre’s situation is a little different, he’s been in the game for almost twenty years, I don’t think mini-camp is really going to help him hone any of his skills to a huge extent, but it’s just the principle. This is your team, you haven’t come out and said you wouldn’t be joining them in the fall, so come support the new guys and the ones that are busting their asses to make this season great. And then there’s Tarvaris Jackson, who has patiently waited for his time to shine, and works ridiculously hard to make sure he is ready when his time comes, but continues to get strung along. All Brett Favre has to do is say whether or not he is going to be back in the fall, and it was save so much heartache for Jackson in the end. He would know whether or not he would be starting this year and wouldn’t have to get his hopes up just to have them crushed. That to me is just common courtesy because you really can see the toll it takes on T-Jack. He was at mini-camp. Shiancoe, McKinnie, Allen (who just got married and cut all his hair off),  Rice, and everyone else minus AP and Favre were at mini-camp putting in the hard work to finish what they started last season.  (PS, I was at mini-camp, so I promise I’m not just pulling this out of thin air.)

I have no doubt in my mind Favre isn’t done. He has expressed that he wants to beat the Saints, and the Vikings roster is one that has a chance of going all the way. I just hope that the constant roller coaster that is Brett Favre doesn’t end up taking a serious toll on the rest of the Vikings squad and ruining their shot of being the best.

Like I said, I was just as happy as every other fan that bleeds purple and gold when Favre took us as far as he did this season; I was pissed when he kept getting unrightfully beat up on during the Saints game; and I want nothing more than to see him come back for another season. I just wish his ways were a little more thought out towards his teammates….then again, he is THE Brett Favre.

(I’ll also be at training camp for two days in Mankato, so I’ll be sure to post more after that!)


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super talent = mega douche nozzle

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Tiger is no different than his uber-talented forefathers.

With great power comes great responsibility…or a license for you to be an enormous Big Gulp sized jerkass.

Take a second to think about the biggest sports stars of the last twenty years. Not just your every day all-star, but the guys that you only have to say one name to know.

Here’s a list: Jordan, Tiger, Bonds, Favre, Gretzky, Magic, Agassi, Beckham, Kobe, and Tyson.

You could even go back farther if you would like: Wilt, The Babe, Mantle, and Namath.

So what gives? Why are these guys who are so highly regarded for their athletic abilities such complete and total shmucks?

I think that it is because they are constantly being coached and told what to say and do, and when they finally just don’t give a rat’s ass anymore they tend to act out against the persona that has been created for them.

Some gamble (MJ, Gretzky) some sleep around with some questionable women-folk (Magic, Tiger, Kobe, Wilt, Babe, Kobe, MJ), some turn to substance abuse (Babe, Mantle, Agassi, Namath, Bonds, Favre), some are just crazy and beat people up (You know who you are Iron Mike.), and some are just British. (Oh, Becks. You sexy futbol star.)

The problem is that we can never even imagine how these freaky uber-competative athletes feel. None of us can even come close to their wealth or talent level. I think that this is a trend that will continue as long as we live in an ultra-sensitive, mega informed society.

Think about some of the names that you may be hearing in the future: Federrer, LeBron, Nadal, Landon Donovan (Best American soccer player ever, maybe.), Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dwayne Wade, or Kobe…again.

I think any or all of these athletes should be on watch and really think about how they are living their lives. Because if history has shown us anything it’s that it repeats itself. I have already stated in a previous article my future pick for athlete falling flat is the one and only Tim ‘Second only to God’ Tebow, now we just have to wait and see.

A Whole New Generation of Farve-Ness

December 11, 2009 1 comment

That’s right, just when you thought that veteran quarterback Brett Favre was getting close to riding off into the sunset, there a whole new generation of gunslinger headed to town.

According to, Dylan Favre, the famous nephew of #4, is fresh off of a record setting senior season which included a Mississippi 4A state title capping off a season in which he basically lit up every defense that opposed him.

Here was Mini-Favre’s stat line in the state title game: 369 passing yards, 3 passing TD’s, 51 yards rushing, and 2 rushing TD’s.

Oh, did I mention that he plays defense and special teams too? Unlike uncle Brett he isn’t just throwing interceptions, he’s catching interceptions as well. Lil’ Favre had 1 INT and 17 tackles in the state title game while playing strong safety.

This kid is bananas! His high school career stat sheet is basically the Mississippi staterecord book.

Chew on these statistical records: total offensive yards: 14,175 yards, touchdowns responsible for: 169, and touchdown passes: 144.

In just his senior season Favre has had three 500 yard passing performances and just missed his fourth with a 498 yard outing. He passed for 5,539 yards, rushed for 1,228 yards, and was a part of 81 touchdowns (63 of which came using his Favreically enchanced cannon arm).

The young Favre has the same affection for career records as his future Hall of Fame uncle does.

Check out these career marks: 2nd in average total yards per game in a single season (453.4), 3rd in total yards in a single season (6,347 yards), and 5th in total yards for a career (14,175). DISCLAIMER: Those aren’t Mississippi ranks, those are national ranks.

Yes, that’s right. Dylan Favre has had a better high school career than just about every QB currently on an NFL roster.

Dylan has one more thing in common with his uncle: Southern Mississippi. Brett Favre’s alma-mater, Southern Miss, has extended a scholarship offer to Dylan. Favre still has no committed to a school.

You never know though, maybe Favre 2.0 will go to Ole Miss and have a pretty good career. He then stands a good chance to get drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, get traded to the Packers, set some NFL records and capture the hearts of Americans.
If he gets real lucky he’ll follow his uncle into the Wrangler gold mine, get stabbed in the back by Ted Thompson, Get traded to the New York Jets for a year, retire again, then make Brad ‘Chilly’ Childress pick him up from the airport and sign with the Minnesota Vikings while ripping the hearts out of the chests of every single Packers fan.

(While doing this he will be annoying the living crap out of SOGJ author, Superman for reasons still undetermined.)

I guess only time will tell. Until then we’ll just have to enjoy, or despise, the one Farve we do have right now.