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We have seen this before…

June 15, 2011 Leave a comment

He has no answers...

With great power comes great responsibility. This is the phrase that I keep coming back to when trying to revisit the Miami Heat loss to the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks just 3 days ago.

Since their victory the Mavericks have shifted to an afterthought and the story has become why did Miami and mainly Lebron lose this finals? Fairly or unfairly this story isn’t going away and it won’t for the foreseeable future. Not until Lebron wins a title.

Michael had it, Tiger had it, Kobe had it, Wilt had it, Ali had it, and Lebron has it. Freakish athletic ability that allows you to do things in your sport that few people are even capable of dreaming about. Like Lebron these other men all enjoyed their fair share of criticism. Because, like Lebron, they are and were so gifted athletically that winning was the only thing that the public would allow. Any sports fan, I can guarantee has made the comment, “Well if I was that athletic I would just go to the rim every time and dunk.” or “If I was that strong I would just run people over” or “Man I wish I had his ability I wouldn’t waste it.” But really would you?

People who have never had to deal with the things that professional athletes deal with have no idea what it is to have their lives. So here is the situation, you are a multimillionaire, you get paid to play a sport, shoot commercials, and make appearances, you get the money regardless, only you can’t ever say anything stupid in public, and by all means you cannot LOSE and if you do it is all your fault! I know that I get stressed out when I upset a friend or co-worker, now you are telling me I have millions of people who are pissed at me? And if I lose I am letting down millions of people who once believed in me?

Now you take the men I mentioned above, the icons if you will, who were held to an even higher standard. They are not allowed to let pressure get to them because we say so? How dare you act human in front of millions of people rooting for you to fail!! (Sarcasm folks!)

Now I don’t disagree that Lebron like all those guys before him hasn’t done the best job trying to gain our sympathy, but their was a time where everyone hated Kobe, Ali, Tiger(He is in the middle of his hatefest, maybe he and Lebron should go to Denny’s or Ihop and talk about it), Wilt, and even MJ. All of these men had their hiccups, their screw ups(or just screws TI-GERRR!) and all had reasons for being hated and all of those went away when they won.(Still waiting Tiger)

The past is forgotten by winning and winning a lot. It is forgotten by performing at the highest level when your team or your sport commands it. That’s why we love the icons so much, they delivered when they were supposed to deliver. The only reason they were able to do that time after time is because of the failures they went through to get them to that elite level.

So sure Lebron didn’t play in the Finals the way he did in the Boston or Chicago series. The way we have been dying for him to consistently play since he entered the NBA. But if both those series told us anything it’s that the ability to do so is in there somewhere.

Lebron has it in him to make shots and dominate games. To get to the rim when ever he wants, to get a triple double and be a lock down defender. The only problem is he only doesn’t when HE wants to and not when WE want him to . I think the greatest compliment that can ever be given to Michael Jordan is that he WAS Michael Jordan every time he stepped on the floor. He played his guts out and gave the fans and his teammates the same great player every single night no matter if it was in November or in Game 4, 5, or 6(haha little jab at Lebron) of the Finals , he was MJ, His Airness, the greatest of all time every single time he took the floor! If Lebron learns anything from this whole experience it should be that we want the 35 point, 12 rebound, 9 assist, 3 steals and 2 blocks Lebron every single night because anything else would be a waste of your great gift or power if you will…remember Lebron with great power comes great responsibility.


Can the Heat reach 70?

August 10, 2010 Leave a comment

In the 1995-1996 season the Chicago Bulls took the NBA by storm and won a record 72 games. Let me start by saying this is my favorite team of all time. This was the summer between my 7th and 8th grade year and I felt like I watched every game(my 3 year old sister could say all the names in the starting lineups)It was MJ’s first full year back, Rodman’s first year with the team, Scottie Pippen was at his best, Toni Kukoc was the best 6th man in the league, Steve Kerr was the best shooter, and Phil Jackson was the best coach. It was an NBA record for wins in a year.

Earlier in the week Jeff Van Gundy made the claim that he thinks this years version of the Miami Heat can match or beat this record. I have examined both teams schedules and I have my prediction on how the Heat will do. Lets go month by month…


The better gel early, they play Boston in Boston on opening night and Orlando 3 days later in their home opener. But they also play the Nets and the Sixers. Given that LeBron lost his last game in Cleveland in Boston and the Heat were bounced from the playoffs by the Celtics last year and the immense pressure of starting off well I say the Heat start 4-0. The Bulls won their first 5 games before losing on the road to a good Orlando Magic team playing without Shaq. The Bulls were also without Dennis Rodman. Penny Hardaway poured in 36 points while MJ had a bad game and the Bulls lost by 6. 5-1 through 6 games.


This is the most important month for the Heat. It is important they get off to a great start taking advantage of teams still getting used to each other. The Bulls started their season by going 12-2. The Heat play only 4 road games this month 2 tough and two very winnable. They also play NBA doormats Washington, New Jersey, Toronto, and Philadelphia this month. Possible loss chance Dallas and Orlando on the Road, and Boston, Phoenix and Utah at home. My prediction through 18 games on the for the Heat 15-3 (the Bulls through at same point 16-2).


Last month was most important but December will be the hardest early on  and second hardest next to March. They have 10 road games this month which include, LeBron’s first game back in Cleveland, Phoenix, Houston, Sacramento, Golden State, Milwaukee, New York, Washington, Utah, and at the Lakers on Christmas Day. They also have to play Atlanta at home as well as Dallas again. If they can make it through this stretch the record could start looking real. The Bulls on the other hand won 13 in a row to start December before losing to the Pacers. Through 28 games the Bulls were a cool 25-3 my prediction for the Heat 23-5.


This month is highlighted by a 5 game road trip ending with their first trip to Chicago. They also play OKC for the first time at the end of the month which should be a great game. They have to play Milwaukee back to back games and also get the Clippers, Detroit, Toronto, and Cleveland again. The tough games are Golden State again as well as Portland on the road. January is when the Bulls hit 5th gear winning 18 in a row going 31-1 in 32 games.(This team was so good!) So if you are counting at home through 42 games the Bulls were 39-3. The Heat will be 37-5.


More road games for the Heat in February than home games. 7 of the 12 games they play. This is the month where the Heat will be able to get some rest for the home stretch. Tough games at Orlando, Boston, and Chicago are offset by home games against Indiana, The Clippers, Washington, and the Knicks. Plus winnable road games at Detroit, Indiana, Charlotte, and Toronto. Tough month to judge with the All-star break in the middle. February of 1996 was the only month when the Bulls lost back to back regular season games and it actually doubled their losses to 6. Through 56 games the Bulls were 50-6, I think this is when the Heat can keep pace or they will lose it completely my prediction 48-8.


Heading into March the Heat will hover close to the 10 loss mark which will motivate them just a little more. I think this is a big month for Mr. Wade. Playing only 5 road games this month that being said MARCH IS A BEAR! The start of the month goes like this in order Orlando, San Antonio, Chicago, Portland, The Lakers, Memphis, Spurs again, and finally OKC. 8 games in 14 days against tough Western conference teams and Chicago and Atlanta! That being said Wade turns it up a gear and I think LeBron goes on a triple double streak of 6 games. After March Heat record through 75 games 66-9 which was exactly the same as the Bulls.


Here is where it gets really interesting. The Heat gunning for history taking every teams best shot have 7 games for history. Do they go for it or rest for the playoffs? I say they go after it! Lets go back in time first, the Bulls finished 6-1 in their final 7 games. Which moved their record to 72-10. All the games were against relatively easy teams. The Heats final seven games look like this Minnesota and New Jersey on the Road, Milwaukee, Charlotte, and Boston at home, and finally Atlanta and Toronto on the road. My prediction they are 69-12 heading into the Toronto game. Toronto will be playing for lottery ping pong balls but will give the Heat one of their toughest games of the year. I think the Heat will win and reach 70 games. Final record 70-12. The Bulls record is safe but the Heat become only second team ever to reach 70.

Summer of 2010

July 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Who would have thought?

For three years this summer has had a bullseye on it. We have waited and waited for something spectacular and regardless of how you feel about the newly created Miami Heat this summer has been spectacular. But they have only been part of the story that is the summer of 2010 there has been so much more.

The NBA Finals

It started in June where in a rematch of the 2008 finals the Lakers and Celtics collided in a classic 7 game series. Game 7 was an ugly, physical perfect game 7 that went down to the final minutes. Kobe had a horrendous 4th quarter which was very unlike the best closer in the game and it was (mentally disturbed) Ron Artest who hit the biggest shot of the finals down the stretch.

The World Cup

Once again fake football took America by storm. Once again many Americans began caring about Futbol! We finally had something to root for as our Americans got out of their group (apparently a big deal) and then were a poorly played game away from making the semi-finals. Its been a few weeks and like expected we have moved on from the soccer kick(bad pun I know) and we are ready for the real football to begin.


Rookie phenom Stephen Strasburg made his Major League debut and blew away the Pittsburgh Pirates.(Most of these guys should be playing church league softball to be fair) He has made 9 starts and is 5-2. If he played for someone other than the Nationals he would probably have a better record. What I am most impressed by is his Matt Clementesque goatee that just seems to keep getting larger and larger.

Brett Favre

This was one of the many times he has retired.

Once again we have out favorite season Favre(Please insert heavy sarcasm). It comes right between summer and fall. This is the time of year we find out whether or not Mr. Favre feels his body is healthy enough to come back and play. It includes will he won’t he talk, Brad Childress visiting Mississippi(Happened earlier this week), Brett throwing laser beams to high school kids, and of course our favorite reporter Rachel Nichols setting up a tent on Brett Favre’s front lawn. She must get a Christmas card from the Favre family.

The NBA Free Agent Fiasco

In what was supposed to be a free for all it truly lived up to the hype. Whether it was the meetings, the rumors, the “Decision”, or just the fun NBA free agency lived up to the hype. We now have a legitimate possible super power in the East since LeBron, Wade, and Bosh joined forces. Chicago, New York, and Golden State all got better. This NBA season will hopefully be one of the best in a long time. Every time the Heat play they will get every teams best. They have become the NBA’s version of the Yankees.

This summer has been one to remember and I can’t for the fall. College sports, NBA and NFL we are truly living in a golden era of sport.

The Real Deal Kevin Durant

December 31, 2009 1 comment

Lets play magical NBA GM. Lets say you get to look into your crystal ball and select one of the two following players hell I’ll make your job even easier and give you their first year numbers. (Bet Isiah wishes he had this crystal ball) Hell I’ll make your job even easier I’ll give you year two also. These two players are the same age and will both go on to win rookie of the year crowns. (Being a GM is a piece of cake where do I sign up??)

Hmm I wonder if I can pick up one of these crystal balls at Costco?...They seem to have everything....

Player A:

SF 6-8 250 lbs 7-0 wingspan 41in vertical

Year 1: GS 79 GP 79 MPG 39.5 FG%.417 3PT% .290 FT%.754 RPG 5.5 APG 5.9 SPG 1.6 BPG .7 PPG 20.9

Year 2: GS 80 GP 80 MPG 42.4 FG%.472 3PT% .351 FT%.750 RPG 7.4 APG 7.2 SPG 2.2 BPG .6 PPG 27.2

Player B:

F 6-9 230lbs 7-5 wingspan 34 in vertical

Year 1: GS 80 GP 80 MPG 34.6 FG%.430 3PT% .288 FT%.873 RPG 4.4 APG 2.4 SPG 1.0 BPG .9 PPG 20.3

Year 2: GS 74 GP 74 MPG 39.0 FG%.476 3PT% .422 FT%.863 RPG 6.5 APG 2.8 SPG 1.3 BPG 1.3 PPG 25.3

Pretty spot on almost dead even.. You have some give and take in many columns with both player A and player B swapping better numbers. You have player A who have an advantage in weight and vertical leap but also have player B who has the advantage in size and length. I’m sure you’ve caught on by now. Player A is the one and only king of ESPN Lebron James and Player B is the highly underhyped Kevin Durant.

Look I’m not by any means saying KD is better than LBJ. What I’m saying and have always said is that KD has the chance to end the end be a better all around more polished player. KD shot for better numbers in his rookie year than LBJ has yet to in his career. Something to think about for sure. Lebron is a monster a player that has changed the game and at the age of 31 25 taken over the NBA scene. But KD just turned 21 and is quickly sneaking into the conversation as one of the top handful of guys with Kobe, Melo, Wade, and LBJ think about it right now after those 4 who’s your next pick? KD has to be in the running…otherwise youd be headed down the same path as Isiah.

Another thing that is said in knock of KD and in favor of LBJ is that the Cavs have made it to the playoffs. Thats true they made it in LBJs third year this is KD’s third year now and the Zombie Sonics are right there fighting for a playoff spot in the MUCH MUCH tougher western conference I must add. You pop the Thunder into the east and they’re a lock.

No way Scott Van Pelts stealing my chair now that I have these lions!!

Again I’m by no means saying to crown KD as the king, Lebron and Kobe are on another level. Just keep in mind that there is a young hungry prince in waiting and that maybe the reign of King Lebron wont be as long as some are expecting.

Damnit.. I really gotta get me a couple of lions!

Who hates ya baby?

December 19, 2009 2 comments

As I have stated before in my several posts I hate Brett Favre (He is talented and I can’t argue his numbers, but I still don’t have to like the guy.) and Kobe Bryant (He is a good basketball player. Once again, I only say that because I am required by law to do so.) but it hit me that there are all kinds of guys that we all love to hate in sports. Here is the list of athletes, coaches and announcers that we love to hate:


Jay Cutler is hated by Bears and non-Bears fans alike.

Jay Cutler – QB – Chicago Bears (Or as K.J. now refers to him: J-Cutty):

(Editors note: Keep an eye out for a full-scale article based attack on J-Cutty in the near future. I’m going to light his sorry ass up like the 4th of July. – K.J.)

If you have taken the time to sit though any Bears game this year, give yourself a pat on the back.  You deserve an award for most amount of torture endured or something. Here’s something to make your next viewing of a Bears massacre an enjoyable and entertaining one:

Take a piece of paper and your favorite #2 pencil and document three things throughout the course of the game:

1. Number of times Jay Cutler adjusts his socks. This includes immediately after taking a sack and throwing an interception. (I’m fairly certain that if this way turned into some kind of drinking game that everybody would pass out before we even get to see Terry Bradshaw butcher the halftime highlights like Alice’s boyfriend from The Brady Bunch butchers slabs of beef.)

2. Number of times Jay Cutler pulls his helmet practically over his eyes. (This would explain why he can’t see the safeties.)

3. Number of times he makes a face like he absolutely hates his life. (Probably because he does…and he should.)

4. Number of times a Fox camera will cut to him on the bench and you think to yourself: “Wow, Cutler looks just looks like a frat boy I saw at the bar last night skeezing on chicks.”

America’s hate/hate relationship will Cutler most likely began last season when he claimed that his arm was better than that of Broncos legend John Elway. That is when we knew that J-Cutty had a cannon for an arm and a peanut for a brain, and we’ve been loving to hate him ever since.

It is impossible, however, to hate puppet-LeBron.

LeBron James – GF – Cleveland Cavaliers:

LeBron is an enigma on this list.  It is no doubt that LeBron and his game include everything that makes the NBA great.  He’s entertaining, has more athletic ability than God, and routinely makes the highlight plays look easy.

On the other hand, LeBron is everything that is terrible about the NBA as well.  He is the single reason that Mike Brown doesn’t know what an offensive set is.  LeBron thinks that going 1-on-5 means that he has the number advantage.

It’s almost like junior high basketball when there was always one kid whose balls already dropped and was shaving on an hourly basis.  He would dominate games. He would just plow through defenses like Bo Jackson on Tecmo Super Bowl.  The kid’s stat line would be like this: 32 pts, 17 rbs, 0 assists, 39 steals.  Well, that’s what LeBron still thinks he can do to the NBA, and we just hate it.

Tom Brady doesn't even know what normal is anymore.

Tom Brady – QB – New England Patriots:

Don’t get me wrong here, Tom Terrific is a great quarterback.  Brady and Manning are 1A and 1B of best QB’s in this decade…but, screw you Tom Brady.

Screw you and your Brazilian supermodel wife.  What, you couldn’t handle having just an American supermodel wife? You had to go to the holy grail of supermodels and pick the best one?

Screw you and your unbelievable recievers and offensive line.

Screw you and your gorgeous mane of flowing locks.

Screw you and your coach (Don’t worry Hoody, you’re next.) that tries to score 100 points every game.

Finally, screw you and your new pussycat attitude which mandates that every time someone comes within a 5-foot radius of your new knee it requires you to flop around like a beached trout and yell at the ref to throw a flag, which they always do.

We get it Tom, you’re awesome…and that’s why we hate you.

It's hard to hate on the white college basketball player, but Duke makes it necessary.

Anyone who has ever/is currently/or will ever play college basketball at Dook University:

Fill in the blank and it’s pretty much a sure thing that you hate this player.  Don’t believe me? Here, test yourself:

1. J.J. Reddick – Yep, hate him.

2. John Scheyer – Yep, not a fan of him either.

3. Danny Ferry – Bingo.

4. Greg Paulus – Oh boy, big time hate.

5. Christian Laettner – First Duke hate I ever had.

Why this is true, I have no idea. It could be the aura that all Dook players think surrounds them or it could be the fact that they play for Coach K. But regardless of the reason, we just know that we hate them.


Tony LaRussa – St. Louis Cardinals:

The fact that he takes a bunch of nobodies, mixes in some Dave Duncan love, throws in Albert Pujols, and still beats the absolute dog piss out of the Cubs every year really pisses me off.

On top of that, he may or may not of been drunk for half of those games and he’s also a smug tool box with funny hair.

Not to mention he turned Jeff Weaver (Athletes we Love to Hate: Honorable Mention) from a Venice Beach stoner into a pitcher who clinched a World Series makes he really hate him.

Hey Hoody, nobody likes you.

Bill Belichick – New England Patriots:

Oh, Hoody…I told you I would get to your ass.

You are arrogant well beyond the normal threshold of arrogant.  Merriam-Webster may need a new word to describe your arrogance, perhaps something like: megaloarragosity (definition: to be overly arrogant, approaching or at Hoody status.)

Don’t think we forgot about the whole cheating to win, running up the score on NFL teams, and giving the worst (and at the same time, the best to make fun of) post game interviews.

Having Coach K lead the olympic team made the world hate us even more.

Mike Krzyzewski – Duke Blue Devils:

First and foremost, it took me four minutes and nine scholarly sources to spell your last name correctly.  The moment that you became famous you should have done us all a favor and changed it to Clark or something.

Next, you are the head basketball coach at Duke University. (See: previous post entry on “Duke Basketball Players”)

Announcers (aka: Gus Johnson’s Bitches):

"This blog post is quite simply the most emphatic, outstanding, wonderfulous post ever!"

Bob Costas:

Please, stay in the studio homeboy. Everything that you are witnessing is not the most exciting stupendous, extraordinary, euphoric, superfilous thing that you have ever seen.

We get it, Michael Jordan was good and you love sports, but easy boy. Calm the eff down.

John Madden:

It’s no secret that John Madden has more football knowledge in his big toe than the entire SOGJ staff will ever know.  He just has no idea how to communicate this to his audience.  He ends up sounding like an idiot and stating things that are blatantly obvious to a 10-year old girl.

Plus, anyone who loves Brett Favre as much as he did is on my list no matter what, I am glad you retired.


Bill Walton:

Whoever decided to have Bill announce games that his son, Luke Walton, played in was out of their ever loving mind. (See: any Lakers game, Illinois vs. Arizona Sweet 16 game from 10 years ago)

I was watching a Celtics regular season game roughly eight years ago when Walton declared a basic, everyday turnover “the worst pass in the history of the Boston Celtics.” Really Bill? Wow.

Also, please keep him away from Celtics and Pacers.  This provides Walton the opportunity to gush about how great of a player Larry Bird was and  it makes for a long night.

Is it just me or does he sound like when he talks he has something in his mouth which totally blocks his tongues ability to move at times?

These are the guys I love to hate. We would love to hear who you love to hate. Email us your lists of people you love to hate at:

The Summer of 2010 Could Change the NBA Forever

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

As I have previously stated the current NBA is in the best shape it has been in since the ‘Jordan Era,’ and next summer it is going to get even better.

The most anticipated NBA free agency period, and maybe most hyped in all of sports history, starts at the conclusion of the 2009-2010 season. Once the final buzzer sounds after the NBA Finals a plethora of talented and charismatic players become free agents.

NBA superstars like Kobe Bryant (Who can opt out of his Lakers contract. Unlikely, however.), LeBron James, Dewayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Joe Johnson, Tracy McGrady, Carlos Boozer, Yao Ming, and Dirk Nowitzki could all start the 2010-2011 season on new teams.

Now, let’s throw in a little imagination and guess where these players could possibly end up when the dust settles next summer.

(We’ll assume that these guys want to win, instead of the reality that they will take the biggest paycheck regardless of the team’s chance at an NBA title.)

McGrady in his 2009 Rockets game jersey.

Tracy McGrady – F – (Current team: Houston Rockets):

T-Mac will return to his old stomping grounds in Orlando after coming off of three abysmal injury plagued seasons with the Rockets.  He would also be reunited with his third cousin, Vince Carter, in their home state of Florida .

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Jameer Nelson

G – Vince Carter

F – Tracy McGrady

F – Rashard Lewis

C – Dwight Howard

The sheer size of the starting line-up on its own is just plain scary.  They would lead the league in flops, fake injuries, and early round playoff disasters. Fans of the old Toronto Raptors (SOGJ editor K.J.) would be in heaven seeing cousins Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady back together again.


Yao Ming – C – (Current team: Houston Rockets):

Yao is most likely tired of living in Texas and playing with subpar teammates. Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge will make an enormous push to sign Yao along with re-signing guards Jesus Shuttlesworth Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.  Both Pierce and Allen with take a home town discount from the Celtics to take a run at another championship.

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Rajon Rondo

G – Ray Allen

F – Kevin Garnett

F – Paul Pierce

C – Yao Ming

The Celtics will have to trade C Kendrick Perkins to make space for Yao , but it is an obvious upgrade in the paint.  It will also be rather humorous to see Yao in Celtics green.  I am willing to bet $500 that his nickname is ‘Green Giant’ within 5 hours of his signing with Boston .

White guys with headbands get extra credit points.

Dirk Nowitzki (Current team: Dallas Mavericks):

Dirk will be tired of Mark Cuban and all his antics, wheeling and dealing. He will then sign with the Denver Nuggets to play along side G Chauncy Billups and F Carmelo Anthony.

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Chauncy Billups

F – Carmelo Anthony

F – Dirk Nowitzki

F – Kenyon Martin

C – Nene

With this line-up the Nuggets will shatter the NBA scoring record and the single season rebounding record. It would be utterly fantastic to watch Melo’ and Dirk attempt to out shoot each other.  The Nuggets would also lead the NBA in ‘Most Awesomest White Guy Hair and Facial Hair’ by having both Dirk and Chris ‘The Birdman’ Anderson on the same roster.

Canada's best import to the U.S. since Gretzky.

Chris Bosh (Current team: Toronto Raptors):

We have several Raptors fans who read the blog (Thanks to SOGJ supporter and Raptors C Patrick O’Bryant. @13POB13 on Twitter, follow him.), so we’ll try to be delicate with the Chris Bosh situation.

Sorry Toronto , he’s gone. Bosh is one of the best players in the NBA and gets little to no exposure to us folk in the lower 48.  He’ll sign with Phoenix because he will be an amazing fit in the system and runs he floor extremely well for a big man.

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Steve Nash

G – Jason Richardson

F – Chris Bosh

F – Grant Hill (who still drinks Sprite, if I’m not mistaken.)

C – Channing Frye

Bosh would be a huge defensive upgrade from current Suns forward, Amare Stoudemire and a more rounded offensive player as well. His playing style would really benefit from having Steve Nash running the offense..

Would also make a great addition to the L.A. go-kart circuit.

Joe Johnson (Current team: Atlanta Hawks):

Joe Johnson loves the ATL and loves being the man, but he just wants to win. He’ll spend the summer in secret discussions with Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant and signs with the Los Angeles Lakers late in the summer.

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Joe Johnson

G – Kobe Bryant

F – Pau Gasol

F – Lamar Odom

C – Andrew Bynum

The Lakers would have this insane starting line-up and will still have Ron Artest to bring off of the bench to wreak havoc defensively.. This team would be just plain stupid…and almost illegal in all 50 states.

(The two biggest names of this great free agent group are clearly LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. They are both emerging into the prime of their careers and mean a great deal to their respective cities. Where they end up could change the history of the NBA.)

"Somebody, please get me out of Miami."

Dwayne Wade (Current team: Miami Heat):

This one is a two-part move. Not only with Dewayne Wade sign with his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls, but he’ll convince his good friend, and fellow USA Olympic team member, Carlos Boozer to leave Utah and sign with the Bulls as well.

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – Derrick Rose

G – Dwayne Wade

C – Joakim Noah

F – Carlos Boozer

F – Tyrus Thomas

Noah and Thomas would finally able to play supporting roles, which they are far better suited to do, and will thrive.  Wade, Rose and Boozer, the new ‘Big Three’ in Chicago , would tear through the central division and lead the Eastern Conference for years.

LeBron in blue and orange. Get used to it Cleveland.

LeBron James (Current team: Cleveland Cavaliers):

Poor Cleveland . Poor Ohio . Always the loser, doorstep of the sporting world.

LeBron James has outgrown the small Cleveland media market and will pack up and take all of his talent, entourage, and traveling circus to Madison Square Garden . That’s right, LeBron will be a New York Knick. (This one is a lock. LeBron loves MSG and all of the celebs that fill it on a nightly basis. He was born to play there.)

Predicted Starting Line-up:

G – LeBron James

G – Nobody

F – Nobody

F – Nobody

C – Nobody

The Knicks really haven’t thought all of this out. They have been so concerned with saving cap room to sign LeBron and that’s it.

It will take him another five years, of his prime, while wasting his massive talent until the New York Knicks are able to create a team that lives up to LeBron’s very high standards and has the chance to win multiple NBA titles.

Losers of the LeBron Lottery:

Detroit Pistons – Sorry, nobody wants to spend their winter in a dying city like Detroit .)

Los Angeles Clippers- Sorry, you’re the Clippers. No chance.

New Jersey Nets – Sorry Jay-Z. Even you would choose the Knicks over the Nets if you had the choice…and you even own the Nets.

Could you imagine those Conference Finals match-ups if these moves were made?

The new-look Los Angeles Lakers vs. the high-scoring Denver Nuggets or the exciting Phoenix Suns.  How about the clash of the titans that the Boston Celtics vs. the Chicago Bulls would be? Ratings gold mine.

Poor LeBron, however, will be left out of all of the postseason excitement and average huge triple doubles in Mike Dantoni’s system, (We’re talking about stupid numbers here, something like: 39 ppg, 13 rpg, and 11 apg) but the Knicks will only win about 35 games every year.

Well, that’s the way we hope it will play out. What do you guys think? Leave us a comment or shoot us an e-mail at:

No, Shaq. You’re Wrong.

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Here’s an idea for Hollywood executives: put a camera crew on Cleveland Cavaliers C Shaquille O’Neal at all times like that movie Ed TV.

There is no doubt in my mind that it would be the most watched reality show on television. Shaq is one of the most likeable characters in sports and he is a soundbite waiting to happen.

He has been saying crazy things since he first got into the NBA seventeen years ago.

Today Shaq claimed that his 24 year old teammate, Sir LeBron James, answers to all of the planet’s problems, could coach in the NBA. Here’s the kicker…Shaq didn’t mean when LeBron was a retired 45 year old Hall of Famer. He meant that Bron Bron could coach in the NBA right now. Are you kidding me? Come on now Shaq.

We know that you love being second banana and love praising the King whenever the opportunity arises, but does Lebron really need more praise?

There is no way that LeBron could coach in the league right now. He’d make Vinny Del Negro look like John Wooden.

Now don’t get me wrong, Shaq is great for sports and I cannot wait until TNT or ESPN pays him to sit behind a desk and spit about sports in front of a camera. My fingers are crossed that TNT hires him so that he and Charles Barkley can team up and become the greatest quote machine of all time.

I really hope that this happens within the next five years so Shaq will get to comment on his former coaches and teammates in Los Angeles and Orlando, or just anyone he doesn’t like, because you know he won’t hold back.