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NFL team of decade

The NFL team of the decade is a difficult one to come up with. There are so many great teams and players. With so many great players it was hard to narrow them all down. So here is how we are going to roll. We will break it down fantasy style taking a 2 players from for each position on offense we will take one defense and one offensive line and of course a coach.

QB-Tom Brady and Peyton Manning- The two most consistent quarterbacks of the decade and maybe the two best of all time. Peyton is well on his way to winning his second Super Bowl of the decade and Tom terrific already has 3. Plus no one does better commercials than Peyton Manning. For Example:

WR-Terrell Owens and The Pittsburgh Steelers wide recievers. Love him or hate him TO gave one of the best performances ever in a Super Bowl on a broken leg! Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward both Super Bowl MVP’s, easy choice.

Running Backs-Marshall Faulk and Jamal Lewis. Faulk was over 100 total yards in two Super Bowls and Jamal ran for 102 yards in the Ravens beat down of the Giants.

Defense-No doubt Baltimore Ravens in 2000. Ray Lewis won Super Bowl MVP yeah  he is a freak. He is top of my, “Guys I would never want to fight” list.

Offensive Line-2007 Indianapolis Colts(Sorry Patriots 2008 Super Bowl lost this one) They allowed a .5 a sack against probably the second best defense of the decade. This is pretty good against a defense who prided themselves on pressure.

Coach-Bill Belichick-Yes the hoody is our choice. He won 3 Super Bowls and was a miracle catch away from a fourth

Jersey of the Decade- We have to go with the Black Baltimore Ravens jerseys.(Sorry K.J. no purple people eaters!)

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  1. hammer
    December 26, 2009 at 12:42 am

    I am very disapointed with this post. If you go decade long the nyg offensive line is the best hands down. No te were in it or fullbacks or kickers or individual defensive players…step your game up gus.

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